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Alabama Oct. 19th https://www.sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/voteregister-to-vote Doesn't have early In Person n/a https://www.sos.alabama.gov/alabama-votes/absentee-ballot-applications County Absentee Election Manager's Office Received Nov. 2nd https://myinfo.alabamavotes.gov/VoterView/AbsenteeBallotSearch.do For absentee ballots, check "I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls". All voters may request absentee for this year only.
Alaska Oct. 4th https://www.elections.alaska.gov/Core/voterregistration.php Oct 19th - Nov 2nd https://www.elections.alaska.gov/Core/AIPEVEvents.php https://elections.alaska.gov/Core/AKVoteEarly.php Absentee voting location Postmarked Nov. 3rd https://myvoterinformation.alaska.gov/
Arizona Oct. 5th https://azsos.gov/elections/voting-election/register-vote-or-update-your-current-voter-information Oct 7th - Oct 30th https://my.arizona.vote/PortalList.aspx same - sign up for PEVL when registering Dropbox (locations are on County Recorder's site) Received Nov. 3rd https://my.arizona.vote/AbsenteeTracker.aspx
Arkansas Oct. 5th https://www.sos.arkansas.gov/elections/voter-information/voter-registration-information Oct 19th - Nov 2nd County clerk's office; see website for other locations https://www.sos.arkansas.gov/uploads/elections/Absentee_Ballot_Application_1.pdf County Clerk's office Received Nov. 2nd https://www.voterview.ar-nova.org/voterview
California Oct. 20th https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voter-registration/ Oct 5th - Nov 2nd https://caearlyvoting.sos.ca.gov/ same - check "yes" for voting by mail when registering Dropbox Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received November 20th https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-status/wheres-my-ballot/
Colorado Nov. 3rd (Oct. 26th for VBM) https://www.sos.state.co.us/votepages/pub/home.xhtml Doesn't have early In Person n/a All-mail election See County Clerk and Recorder's site Received Nov. 3rd https://www.sos.state.co.us/votepages/pub/olvfindVoterReg.xhtml
Connecticut Oct. 29th https://portal.ct.gov/SOTS/Election-Services/Voter-Information/Voter-Registration-Information Doesn't have early In Person n/a https://portal.ct.gov/SOTS/Election-Services/Voter-Information/Absentee-Voting Town Clerk's office Received Nov. 3rd https://portaldir.ct.gov/sots/LookUp.aspx
Delaware Oct. 3rd https://elections.delaware.gov/votevotereg.shtml Doesn't have early In Person n/a https://elections.delaware.gov/services/voteabsentee/citizen.shtml Department of Elections office Received Nov. 3rd https://ivote.de.gov/VoterView Delaware will mail absentee applications to all residents. If you need to complete the online form, choose Reason #3 "I am sick..." as your reason
Florida Oct. 5th https://registertovoteflorida.gov/ Oct 19th - Nov 1st (varies by county; must offer at least one week Oct. 24th-31st) See your Supervisor of Elections' website https://dos.myflorida.com/elections/for-voters/voting/vote-by-mail/ Any early voting location during early voting, or dropbox on Election Day (see County Supervisor's office) Received Nov. 3rd https://registration.elections.myflorida.com/CheckVoterStatus
Georgia Oct. 5th https://sos.ga.gov/index.php/Elections/register_to_vote Oct 12th - Oct 30th https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do https://ballotrequest.sos.ga.gov/ County registrar's office or a dropbox (see their website for location info) Received Nov. 3rd https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do
Hawaii Oct. 5th or Oct 20 through Nov 3 in-person at a voting service center https://elections.hawaii.gov/frequently-asked-questions/voter-registration/ Oct 20th - Nov 2nd Any voter service center in your county https://elections.hawaii.gov/hawaii-votes-by-mail/ (All-mail in 2020) Any voter service center or place of deposit Received Nov. 3rd https://ballotstatus.hawaii.gov/Default Hawaii will automatically mail ballots to all registered voters - keep address up to date
Idaho Oct. 21st https://idahovotes.gov/ Oct 19th - Oct 30th See county clerk's website https://elections.sos.idaho.gov/ElectionLink/ElectionLink/AbsenteeSearch.aspx County Clerk's office Received Nov 3rd https://idahovotes.gov/
Illinois Oct. 18th online or Oct 19 through Nov 3 in person at a grace period location https://ova.elections.il.gov/ Sept 24th - Nov 2nd https://www.elections.il.gov/VotingAndRegistrationSystems/EarlyVotingLocationsSearch.aspx https://elections.il.gov/electionoperations/VotingByMail.aspx County Election Authority's office, or a dropbox (see their site for locations) Postmarked Nov. 3rd Done separately by counties
Indiana Oct. 5th http://www.indianavoters.com/ Oct 6th - Nov 2nd County Elections Administrator's office; possibly others (see their website) Same County Election Administrator's office Received Nov. 3rd at noon https://indianavoters.in.gov/
Iowa Oct. 24th online or at Auditor's office through Nov. 3rd https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/voterinformation/voterregistration.html Oct 5th - Nov 2nd County Auditor's office https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/electioninfo/absenteemail.html County Auditor's office Postmarked Nov. 2nd AND received Nov. 9th https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/absenteeballotstatus/absentee/search))
Kansas Oct. 13th https://www.kdor.ks.gov/apps/voterreg/default.aspx Oct 14th - Nov 2nd See County elections officer's website https://www.sos.ks.gov/forms/elections/AV1.pdf County elections officer's office, or a dropbox (see site for locations) Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received Nov. 6th https://myvoteinfo.voteks.org/voterview/
Kentucky Oct. 5th https://elect.ky.gov/registertovote/Pages/default.aspx Oct 13th - Nov 2nd See County Clerk's website https://vrsws.sos.ky.gov/abrweb/ County Clerk's office - website may have dropbox locations Received Nov 3rd https://vrsws.sos.ky.gov/ovrweb/govoteky All voters will be allowed to vote by mail in KY this year.
Louisiana Oct. 5th / Oct. 14th online https://www.sos.la.gov/ElectionsAndVoting/RegisterToVote/Pages/default.aspx Oct 20th - Oct 27th (Excluding the 25th) https://voterportal.sos.la.gov/earlyvoting https://www.sos.la.gov/OurOffice/PublishedDocuments/COVID-19%20VR2%20Absentee%20by%20Mail%20Application%20(Rev.%204-20)%20Ver.%201.pdf%20Ver.%201.pdf) Parish Registrar of voters' office Received Nov. 2nd https://voterportal.sos.la.gov/ Must be high-risk for COVID-related illness, under quarantine, experiencing symptoms, or caring for someone high-risk to qualify for a COVID-based absentee ballot
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New Hampshire Nov. 3rd https://sos.nh.gov/HowRegVote.aspx Doesn't have early In Person n/a https://sos.nh.gov/media/rs0ly4xu/absentee-ballot-app-8-20-covid.pdf Clerk's office Received Nov 3rd https://app.sos.nh.gov/Public/AbsenteeBallot.aspx
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South Carolina Oct. 5th https://www.scvotes.gov/south-carolina-voter-registration-information Doesn't have early In Person n/a https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/voterinquiry/VoterInformationRequest.aspx?PageMode=AbsenteeRequest Local Elections Office Received Nov. 3rd https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/voterinquiry/VoterInformationRequest.aspx?PageMode=AbsenteeInfo Absentees may not be allowed for the general election - they were for the primary.
South Dakota Oct. 19th https://sdsos.gov/elections-voting/voting/register-to-vote/default.aspx Sept 18th - Nov 2nd County Auditor's office https://sdsos.gov/elections-voting/voting/absentee-voting.aspx County Auditor's office Received Nov. 2nd https://vip.sdsos.gov/viplogin.aspx
Tennessee Oct. 5th https://ovr.govote.tn.gov/ Oct 14th - Oct 29th See Local Election Commission's office https://sos.tn.gov/products/elections/absentee-voting n/a - must be submitted by mail. In-person delivery is specifically not allowed. Received Nov. 3rd https://sos.tn.gov/products/elections/voter-registration-information-lookup-absentee-mail-ballot-status-tracker
Texas Oct. 5th https://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/index.html Oct 13th - Oct 30th https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/MVP/mvp.do https://www.sos.texas.gov/elections/votereqabbm.shtml Early voting clerk Received Nov. 3rd https://webservices.sos.state.tx.us/FPCA/index.aspx Not all voters are eligible for mail-in ballots in Texas
Utah Oct. 23rd https://secure.utah.gov/voterreg/index.html Oct 20th - Oct 30th https://votesearch.utah.gov/voter-search/search/search-by-address/how-and-where-can-i-vote Same - check box on registration form Dropbox Received Nov. 3rd https://votesearch.utah.gov/voter-search/search/search-by-votetrack-mail-ballot
Vermont Nov. 3rd https://sos.vermont.gov/elections/voters/registration/ Sept 19th - Nov 2nd Town Clerk's office https://sos.vermont.gov/elections/voters/voter-faqs/absentee-voting-faqs/#q1 Town Clerk's office Received Nov. 2nd https://mvp.vermont.gov/ All voters will be sent a mail-in ballot for November
Virginia Oct. 13th https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation Sept 19th - Oct 31st https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/voterinformation/publiccontactlookup Same Local registrar's office Postmarked Nov. 3rd and received Nov. 6th https://vote.elections.virginia.gov/VoterInformation
Washington October 26th online; November 3rd in person https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/register.aspx Oct 16th - Nov 3rd https://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/auditors/# All-mail election Many locations - see County Auditor's website Postmarked Nov. 3rd https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx Washington will mail ballots. Make sure your address is up to date.
Washington D.C. Oct. 13th online. Nov 3rd in person https://www.dcboe.org/FAQS/Voter-Registration Oct 24th - Nov 3rd https://earlyvoting.dcboe.org/ https://www.dcboe.org/Voters/Absentee-Voting/Request-an-Absentee-Ballot Drop box Recieved Nov 3rd https://www.dcboe.org/Voters/Absentee-Voting/Track-Absentee-Ballot
West Virginia Oct. 13th https://ovr.sos.wv.gov/RegisteLanding Oct 21st - Oct 31st Contact clerk for more information https://sos.wv.gov/elections/Pages/AbsenteeVotingInformation.aspx Clerk's office Recieved Nov 4th https://services.sos.wv.gov/Elections/VoteAbsenteeBallotTracking
Wisconsin Oct. 13th online; can register in person at clerk's office until October 30th, and on Election Day at the polls. https://myvote.wi.gov/en-US/RegisterToVote Oct 20th - Nov 1st Municipal clerk's office https://myvote.wi.gov/en-US/VoteAbsentee Municipal clerk's office or dropbox (see their website for locations) Recieved Nov 3rd https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/MyVoterInfo
Wyoming October 20th https://sos.wyo.gov/Elections/State/RegisteringToVote.aspx Sept 18th - Nov 2nd County clerk's office https://sos.wyo.gov/Elections/State/AbsenteeVoting.aspx County clerk's office Recieved Nov 2nd Contact your County Clerk
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2020.09.09 00:25 rayef3rw A Brief Look at How Covid-19 Impacts Current Annual Consecutive Game Streaks

I think the fact that this season will be a college football season like no other goes without saying. This year is a patchwork quilt of teams that are or aren't playing this fall (or something in-between), with many more games likely to be postponed or canceled due to ongoing Covid-19-related fallout.
Perhaps the only close comparison is the 1918 season, where the closing months of WWI sidelined many of the teams that had traditionally played college football, and the Spanish Flu sidelined the rest for varying periods of time.
Looking back through the history of college football, the World Wars (US involvement during 1917-1918 and 1941-1945) have been the two primary disruptors of the traditional yearly meetings between college football teams. I'll do a little more analysis later on in the post, but the vast majority of the existing consecutive game streaks in college football date to post-WWII, with only 27 currently-surviving consecutive match-ups dating to before 1941.
With that introduction, let's take a look at the longest-surviving uninterrupted match-ups in college football and which ones will be impacted this fall. As a quick aside, this of course all depends on how these records get counted going forward and whether a Spring 2020 season (if/when it happens) will be fully counted as the "2020" season, so I'll just add the caveat that these are uninterrupted fall meetings for now -- and assume that applies throughout.
Let me also preface this list by saying that while I tried to include all of the smaller FCS/DII conferences, I would be shocked if I didn't miss a few. If you notice any uninterrupted rivalry games missing from this list, please! -- let me know!
Matchup Current Streak Started Consecutive Years Played Playing Fall 2020? Source(s)
Lafayette Lafayette Lehigh Lehigh 1897 123 NO source
Minnesota Minnesota Wisconsin Wisconsin 1907 113 NO source
Clemson Clemson South Carolina South Carolina 1909 111 NO source
NC State NC State Wake Forest Wake Forest 1910 110 YES source
Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma State Oklahoma State 1910 110 YES source
Kansas Kansas Kansas State Kansas State 1911 109 YES source
Iowa State Iowa State Kansas State Kansas State 1917 103 YES source
Michigan Michigan Ohio State Ohio State 1918 102 NO source
Brown Brown Yale Yale 1919 101 NO source
Cornell Cornell Dartmouth Dartmouth 1919 101 NO source
Cornell Cornell Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1919 101 NO source
North Carolina North Carolina Virginia Virginia 1919 101 YES source
Columbia Columbia Cornell Cornell 1920 100 NO source
Indiana Indiana Purdue Purdue 1920 100 NO source
Duke Duke North Carolina North Carolina 1922 98 YES source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Yale Yale 1925 95 NO source
Georgia Georgia Georgia Tech Georgia Tech 1925 95 NO source
Illinois Illinois Northwestern Northwestern 1927 93 NO source
Navy Navy Notre Dame Notre Dame 1927 93 NO source
Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas Texas 1929 91 YES source
Army Army Navy Navy 1930 90 YES source
Iowa Iowa Minnesota Minnesota 1931 89 NO source
California California UCLA UCLA 1933 87 NO source
Morehouse Morehouse TuskegeeTuskegee 1936 84 NO source1
Southern California USC UCLA UCLA 1936 84 NO source
Colgate Colgate Cornell Cornell 1937 83 NO source
Columbia Columbia Dartmouth Dartmouth 1940 80 NO source
Columbia Columbia Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1941 79 NO source
Columbia Columbia Yale Yale 1943 77 NO source
Alabama Alabama Mississippi State Mississippi State 1944 76 YES source
Alabama Alabama Tennessee Tennessee 1944 76 YES source
Auburn Auburn Georgia Georgia 1944 76 YES source
Florida Florida Georgia Georgia 1944 76 YES source
Kentucky Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee 1944 76 YES source
LSU LSU Mississippi State Mississippi State 1944 76 YES source
Mississippi State Mississippi State Ole Miss Ole Miss 1944 76 YES source
Richmond Richmond William & Mary William & Mary 1944 76 NO source
Washington Washington Washington State Washington State 1944 76 NO source
Alabama A&M Alabama A&M Alabama State Alabama State 1945 75 NO source
Baylor Baylor TCU TCU 1945 75 YES source
Brown Brown Harvard Harvard 1945 75 NO source
Cincinnati Cincinnati Miami (OH) Miami (OH) 1945 75 NO source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Princeton Princeton 1945 75 NO source
Harvard Harvard Yale Yale 1945 75 NO source
LSU LSU Ole Miss Ole Miss 1945 75 YES source
Miami (OH) Miami (OH) Ohio Ohio 1945 75 NO source
Michigan Michigan Michigan State Michigan State 1945 75 NO source
Oregon Oregon Oregon State Oregon State 1945 75 NO source
Princeton Princeton Yale Yale 1945 75 NO source
Tennessee Tennessee Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1945 75 YES source
Washington Washington Washington State Washington State 1945 75 NO source
Arizona Arizona Arizona State Arizona State 1946 74 NO source
Brown Brown Princeton Princeton 1946 74 NO source
California California Stanford Stanford 1946 74 NO source
Colorado State Colorado State Wyoming Wyoming 1946 74 NO source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Harvard Harvard 1946 74 NO source
Harvard Harvard Princeton Princeton 1946 74 NO source
Montana Montana Montana State Montana State 1946 74 NO source
New Hampshire New Hampshire Maine Maine 1946 74 NO source
New Mexico New Mexico New Mexico State New Mexico State 1946 74 NO source
North Dakota State North Dakota State South Dakota State South Dakota State 1946 74 NO source
Notre Dame Notre Dame Southern California USC 1946 74 NO source
Sam Houston State Sam Houston State Stephen F. Austin Stephen F. Austin 1946 74 NO source
Southern California USC Stanford Stanford 1946 74 NO source
Albany State Albany State Fort Valley State Fort Valley State 1947 73 NO source
Alabama Alabama Auburn Auburn 1948 72 YES source
Bowling Green Bowling Green Toledo Toledo 1948 72 NO source
Columbia Columbia Harvard Harvard 1948 72 NO source
Cornell Cornell Yale Yale 1949 71 NO source
Cornell Cornell Princeton Princeton 1949 71 NO source
Brown Brown Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1950 70 NO source
Bucknell Bucknell Lehigh Lehigh 1950 70 NO source
McNeese State McNeese Northwestern State Northwestern State 1951 69 NO source
Columbia Columbia Princeton Princeton 1952 68 NO source
Kentucky Kentucky Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1953 67 YES source
North Carolina North Carolina NC State NC State 1953 67 YES source
Cornell Cornell Harvard Harvard 1954 66 NO source
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Princeton Princeton 1954 66 NO source
Brown Brown Cornell Cornell 1955 65 NO source
Brown Brown Dartmouth Dartmouth 1955 65 NO source
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Syracuse Syracuse 1955 65 YES source
Baylor Baylor Texas Tech Texas Tech 1956 64 YES source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1956 64 NO source
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Yale Yale 1956 64 NO source
Harvard Harvard Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1956 64 NO source
Florida Florida Florida State Florida State 1958 62 NO source
Grambling State Grambling Southern Southern 1958 62 NO source
Jackson State Jackson State Southern Southern 1958 62 NO source
Texas Texas Texas Tech Texas Tech 1960 60 YES source
Alabama Alabama LSU LSU 1964 56 YES source
Georgia Georgia Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1968 52 YES source
Florida State Florida State Miami Miami 1969 51 YES source
Iowa Iowa Iowa State Iowa State 1970 50 NO source
Ole Miss Ole Miss Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1970 50 YES source
Virginia Virginia Virginia Tech Virginia Tech 1970 50 YES* source
Air Force Air Force Army Army 1971 49 YES source
Clemson Clemson NC State NC State 1971 49 NO source
Florida Florida LSU LSU 1971 49 YES source
Air Force Air Force Navy Navy 1972 48 YES source
*Game currently postponed
So, what does this all mean? I won't do a full re-hash of the chart, but I'll do some highlights and summaries of the important sections below.
As a side note, I kind of arbitrarily chose to end in 1972, but it has some justification that I'll get to later on. Really, though, it was mostly just because I felt like that was a decent stopping point.

Most Common Causes of Breaks Before Covid

So, what was the primary reason that most these consecutive game streaks last came to an end? And will it be beaten out by Covid, assuming Spring 2020 doesn't count/doesn't happen? I didn't do a fully exhaustive search (partly because some stuff was hard to find and partly because I got tired of looking, if we're being honest), but World War II ended the bulk of the streaks on this list, adding up to about 40 of the matches. The other factors aren't particularly close to matching that total, though World War I is probably the next closest, aside from generic scheduling conflicts/choosing not to schedule each other, with about 5 stoppages.
Other common factors included:
Other less common reasons for breaks that I found amusing included:


Discontinued Games

The teams and conferences that suffer the most from this are exactly who you'd expect it to be. The Ivy League, Big Ten, and Pac-12 are losing the most uninterrupted games, though the Patriot League, the SWAC, and the MAC are also losing some notable matches
By far the most notable game that will not be played this fall will be the LafayetteLafayette LehighLehigh match-up; it will be the first time in 123 years that the game won't be played in the fall. It was last forgone in 1896 due to a dispute over player eligibility; had it not been for that break in relations, The Rivalry would have dated back wholly uninterrupted to the two teams' first meeting in 1884, which would have been good for 136 consecutive years of playing.
The next oldest game not to be played this fall is the MinnesotaMinnesota WisconsinWisconsin game, followed by the ClemsonClemson South CarolinaSouth Carolina game, which has been played continuously since 1909, meaning the 2020 season will be the end of 3 of the longest-running continuous series in all of college football.
Finally, one game I hate to see go is the MorehouseMorehouse TuskegeeTuskegee match, which had previously been played continuously since 1936. I couldn't find a lot about the history of this series online very easily, but it's the longest-running HBCU match I could find. Several other historic HBCU rivalries ended temporarily fairly recently owing to the disbanding of Prairie View A&MPrairie View A&M for the 1990 football season.

Previously Unbroken Series

Unfortunately, Covid is putting an end to a few series which have previously met every year without interruption. Those matches include:

Non-Conference Games That Were Maintained

You've got to give a lot of credit to any ADs who managed to keep non-conference rivalry games going through all this. The only consecutive non-conference rivalry games that will survive undamaged are those belonging to three major service academies. Unfortunately, the Merchant MarinesMerchant Marine and the Coast GuardCoast Guard were not so fortunate, and have canceled their fall season.
The ArmyArmy, NavyNavy, and Air ForceAir Force managed to keep afloat their rivalries which have been played continuously since 1971/72 for the Air Force and since 1930 for the Army and Navy. This was possible only by the work of the Air Force, who, as of right now, will be playing only Army and Navy this fall, though the Mountain West Conference did recently announce a revised schedule which allows for 2 non-conference games, so this could change. Both ArmyArmy and NavyNavy are currently playing full schedules.
This was really the main reason I stopped making my list in 1972. That, and it lets me talk about the Textile Bowl (NC State vs Clemson). I'll discuss that in the following section.

Games Unlikely to Be Rescheduled

Though most of these games are intra-conference games that can be rescheduled in the Spring fairly easily, there are a few notable games that will almost certainly not be. Many of these games include teams who will both be playing this season, but will be playing in different conferences or unable to meet for other reasons. These games include:

Non-Conference Games Which Can (Probably) Be Rescheduled

While Conference games are possible to be scheduled fairly easily, there are a few non-conference games which will probably be resumed this Spring.


To answer that question I posed earlier (will Covid potentially impact more currently-consecutive football meetings than World War II), the answer is yes. While this is a bit disingenuous to say, since many otherwise-consecutive rivalry games impacted by World War II have stopped playing since the war for other reasons (looking at you, 2010-14 Conference Realignment), Covid will impact 66 otherwise-uninterrupted matches, while 32 will continue on. Of those 66 canceled matches, though, only the 9 listed above (under the are Unlikely to Be Rescheduled section) are, in my view, highly unlikely to be revived in the Spring, while the rest can continue on in the Spring if scheduling and Corona allow.
1 - I would like to find a more concise and formal source, but so far one has evaded me
2 - Several Minnesota-based athletic pages say that the cause was Teddy Roosevelt banning rivalry games in 1906; despite that, the only period explanation I've found for the break in the games was a June 1906 article about a ChicagoChicago MinnesotaMinnesota game scheduled for 1907, which said the 1906 match-up was prevented because "The big nine conference [Big 10 today], in forbidding games which established a western championship, did so on the ground that it brought about an unhealthy rivalry and stirred up improper spirit between the big educational institutions." Though the Big 9 could have chosen to do that because of threats by Roosevelt, the immediate cause was the conference's decision.
3 - Some sources disagree on this: At the time of their first athletic break, then-AD at BGSU said "Frankly, Toledo is too tough for us in football. We feel that we can no longer compete on even terms." However, there have also been references to players having "more trouble avoiding flying fists than avoiding blockers and tacklers" before the series was temporarily canceled as well. For a good write-up of the series, see here
Thanks to u/bullmoose_atx, u/bwburke94, u/drgnlis, and u/Graduation2017 for the corrections so far
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2020.09.04 09:34 CharmingFrosting A message to myself and others who may need inspiration.

This is long. It is a 39 year old life condensed into a number of pages. I wrote this for myself today to remind myself of who I am and to dump my thoughts as I suddenly have felt down the last few days due to several reasons.
These words are mostly raw cryptic ramblings of my life, very little editing just what I feel and think. I wanted to get it out and finished so I can let it go.
This is an anon account, I have a happy productive life, but I have struggled in the past with anxiety and depression. I have mostly conquered them, if you need inspiration, this may help you.
Otherwise I expect no one to read this, but if you do thank you for the time invested.
Dad, my very earliest memory is with you! I must have been 3 maybe 4? We were sitting under the Christmas tree. The room was dark, the tree was lit up blue, the tinsel sparkled, mother was so happy, a train raced on the tracks.
We grew up not poor, and not rich, but very comfortable. My dad was a hard worker, and my mom was a wonderful home maker, and worked when she could. We had a nice place to live; our family had hundreds of acres of farm land we visited daily. I had a sister, mom kept us clean and fed and loved us, dad made sure we had everything we needed. You two never fought, did not drink (most of our relatives where alcoholics), and were always home at night. We always had birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, vacations, I always knew I was very lucky and I was thankful growing up.
Mother never let me leave her site, she was worried, I understand, but I knew I grew up in a castle of sorts, I never learned the world as many do. I was shielded and protected always. My mom and I were close, dad became distant, we did not play much, or talk much, and he was stressed often. I always felt despair when I asked him to play with me and he was too tired.
I graduated from a vocational school, engineering drafting, I loved it, I had the best teacher in the world. Everyone was so proud. They all said how handsome I was, how mature I was, I was healthy, I thought about college. I wanted to be an aerospace engineer; they told me there was nothing to advance in aerospace so I looked no further since I had a good job right out the door (looking back what kind of advice is that from a recruiter?). I had hobbies, paintball, guns, my race car, friends; I was awkward so no girlfriend but life was great. My parents divorced, I stayed with my dad, and my sister went with my mom. She was close, I saw her almost daily.
Suddenly alone in my mind thinking about the world, my future, death? anxiety came, panic attacks, I hid it for months it kept getting worse, a friend had died, a co-worker had a heart attack in front of me, I thought something was wrong with my body, I was scared. An emergency room visit, I thought I was dying, they said you are perfectly healthy, you just have anxiety, I thought great! It will go away.
Two years pass, nonstop assault of my own mind against my body. Tremors, muscle spasms, heart pounding, my head spinning, I can’t leave the house, I can’t work, I can’t sit in peace for one moment of any day. My family says I’m lazy and don’t want to work or do anything with my life, to get it together.
Doctors did not help, medications were terrible, I could fall asleep standing up, therapy did not help, I tried with the resources I knew were available. I forced myself to work for a year, barely able to control my numb confused body. I lived in a camper, got my own apt, then I was homeless in a shelter, I was starving, in a city, I only knew the country growing up. I was so scared; my anxiety was off the charts, sitting watching tv with a hundred other homeless staring at me in my nice clothes while they were in rags. I got up and walked.
I followed the sun east, the way to my old home. It was only a 40 mile walk. I was exhausted, it was November, and Ohio is cold in November. I fell in a field next to the highway, I did not know if I could get up. My body was stiff, I thought in many years maybe a hunter would find my bones, my wallet, maybe my family would someday know what happened to their lazy son.
I got up; I thought I should at least die walking. A suicide ward, I was not suicidal I never wanted to give up, I wanted my old world back, but you let me stay, I explained to the doctor. He wanted to try something new, Gabitril I think it was called, normally used for seizures? Sure whatever let’s try it. I slept, I woke up, something was wrong? my body felt calm, I could think, my heart was not pounding, my arms and legs were not tingling and numb, I was me again, I had forgot what it felt like to feel “normal” I felt like I was born again.
I found out I only needed a minute dose, maybe 2mg a day to keep that switch flipped. They said I could be on disability and have government housing. No, I am me again; I can do better than that!
I had a crap job, burger king, I was the best burger flipper in the state, in my mind or at least I tried to be. My old landlord let me move back in. I could barely pay the bills, let alone pay back money I owed, but she knew I was trying. I got a better paying job, lifting thousands of lbs of steel a day 6 days a week sometimes 7. I was not strong. I had been starving for years after all, 115 maybe 120bs and 5ft10. I almost quit the first day; I had to have my mom turn my door knob so I could get into my apt. I’m not quitting, I’ll die trying. I discovered Motrin the next day.
I looked up my old friends, they were all doing well, college, military, family, I was still young maybe 23 or 24? I felt my life was wasted, I was behind and no chance to catch up. But I persisted, and regretful of those 3-4 years I lost to my mind.
I did not want to date, I did not want to waste another person’s time, what did I have to offer someone else? but yes, I was lonely. I kept working at the door factory; 2 years later I could work all day and not break a sweat. I was 160lbs now, best health of my life, I was strong, but I knew the job was a dead end and wanted to get back into drafting / engineering.
I met someone through a mutual friend in WOW. There was some sort of instant connection between us. As time went on we talked about everything you could imagine, we did not hide anything from each other, religion, goals, loves, foods, our deepest fears, regrets, rejection, views on the world, our travels, our faults, family. She accepted who I was, and I accepted who she was fully.
She supported me from a distance, always encouraging me. I wanted to be with her, I started working with my father, a tool and die engineer for the plastics industry. I worked two jobs for a long time, 10-12 hours at one, then as much as I could at the other, learning as much as I could about tooling design for extrusion and injection molding, programming and running EDMs, machining, welding and so on.
We eventually decided to meet each other, in the middle, we both drove 4 hours. She arrived first and waited for me, she was scared, worried I would turn and go home, she was a heavier woman over 300lbs I believe she once said, but that never mattered to me. We were both nervous, but within minutes we were talking like we had known each other our entire lives. We explored the town for days. When we went out to eat I was kind and polite with the waitress, I had been kind to her, I was just being myself, but as I looked up there was a sparkle in her eyes I will never forget. I knew she adored me.
We cuddled, watched movies, slept together, but did not have sex, I know we both wanted to, but I was trying to be a gentleman and I was so happy to be with her it did not matter, being with her was the most calming and happy moment in my life.
I wanted to stay with her so badly, but we had to go home to our jobs, and she had sisters and brothers with nieces and nephews she loved. I cried a moment when I left for home, but I knew we would see each other again.
We progressed, met each other more, she had a great government job. My job was great as well, learning more and more every day and it was something I truly enjoyed. My dad and I had not talked for years after he booted me out. He never understood the anxiety, but I forgave him in time as we worked together, it was not his fault, society did not know yet how terrible anxiety and panic attacks were. I learned so much, we talked every day, mostly about work, but I could tell he was proud of me.
She started using birth control, one day I got a call she was in the hospital in ICU. Her lungs were smothered in clots, she nearly died. The BC did not work well with her system. She was put on blood thinners. It took her months to recover.
My dad’s stomach hurt, he always had digestive issues, hemorrhoids and such. Years passed, no hernia, no stomach bugs. I was told my dad has stage 4 colon and liver cancer. My dad was very well off; he offered me everything if I took care of his mom.
I declined, Kristen and I had been together for years at this point, I wanted to move to be with her, I had learned so much I knew I could take my skills to other places and even work remotely for the existing company. I did not want to make a promise I could not keep so I declined his offer.
Kristen and I were supposed to visit Disney World with her entire family. My dad started chemo. I stayed behind with him. She called me almost daily on the trip, her lung condition was good, and she was taken off blood thinners and given a clean bill of health. They were rear ended in Atlanta, I was thankful they were OK.
We had a small fight. It was my fault; I was stressed about my dad, thinking about being very alone when he died. We knew it was only a matter of time. For the briefest moment in time I questioned our relationship, the distance suddenly hurt when it never had before, I wanted to be with her in Disney. I felt guilty for canceling the trip with them, and I was angry, it was my fault. I don’t remember my exact words but I think it was clear I suddenly questioned our being together. I hurt her needlessly I know it was the worst thing I ever did in my life.
I decided that night I could not ask her to leave her family behind, she was the world to her family, I knew when my dad passed, I would only have my mom, sister, and one nephew. I made the choice that night, I am going to tell her tomorrow how much I still love her, and I am going to move to be with her.
I was stung by a bee days before and took the day off to see my doctor, he said I may be becoming allergic. I went home to lie down with antibiotics. It was roughly noon, today was the day. I was building up the courage to call her and tell her how much I loved her, and that I was ready to look into moving to her state, that I was truly sorry about the day before and that it was not her fault. We both wanted it; we had been together for 6 years, never straying from each other, we were always there for each other. Even with the distance I was the happiest guy in the world knowing she was there. It was time.
As I lay in bed building myself up to call her my phone rang, it was her, she must be taking a break! She was laughing; I thought what a wonderful time to talk to her, I bet she was having a wonderful day and I was going to make it her happiest day ever. I realized suddenly that’s not laughter, and it was tears and crying, and then I realized it was not even her. The only words I heard, Kristen is dead. My heart dropped to a place I never knew it could go.
The autopsy, she had deep vein thrombosis, we knew about it after the lung condition, the accident dislodged the clots and they gathered in her heart over the course of the week. How is it that she was just taken off blood thinners a week or two before? How did I not suggest seeing a doctor after the accident, I’ve always considered myself to be very intelligent, but yet I failed to have knowledge of a dangerous condition for her? She had a massive heart attack in the motel in front of her family.
I was not with her; did she think of me in her last moments, did she give up because of our last conversation, did she know I still loved her? She took BC because of me that caused even more clots. What have I done? The sweetest most loving and tolerant person I have ever known in this world, not once did I ever hear her yell, or speak out in anger in all the time I knew her, and I hurt her, I felt I had killed her. It was my fault. Looking back, I know she would not have wanted me to feel that way no matter what happened, but at the time it I felt like the worst person in the world.
Never have I ever wanted to be gone from this world, but that day I was very, very, close. I had fought my anxiety and depression over those years that I knew her, and I had it fully under control for the last several; I was not even on meds for the last 5 years. I rebuilt my life from scratch. She accepted me, and supported me from a distance in any way she could, she was always available to me no matter what time of day. It was rare as we were happy and content, but we would drop anything in the world for each other if we knew the other was hurting for some reason.
We sacrificed being together for our careers, and family. Why do we try so hard when everything can be changed in an instant? My own body and mind turns on me when I’m young, that’s OK, I fought it and rebuilt, I met someone wonderful, I was happy, she was happy, we both worked so hard but now, that is gone in an instant too. I was never religious but I always thought there must be something, maybe some reason to our lives, if we tried hard and did good in our life good things would come to us right?
Her family was deeply religious, I know it was maybe their way to cope, at the time they seemed OK with her passing at the funeral, I was devastated. She was in heaven to them, a much better place than this world. In my mind we would never see each other again; she would never get to have a child of her own like she always dreamed of. I felt the world had robbed us both of so much, when we both tried so hard to be good people and do the right things with our families and jobs first.
I discovered reddit in that time. I researched everything I could on beliefs, religions and science. My boss gave me a layoff he knew I could not function and worked with me; I did not work for almost a year. I was miserable, trying to find reason to it all.
I am now agnostic? I finally let it all go, I am content believing anything is possible, and we really cannot know if there is anything more, or a purpose to life. To me it doesn’t matter. The simple fact is that we exist, for one reason or another, or maybe no reason at all. Maybe we are alive, maybe it’s a game, maybe it’s a dream it really doesn’t matter.
I am happy to be here, Life is great! I wish we can all experience life in the best way we can, why live in misery, we may as well be happy or strive to be happy. I defeated depression. I love helping others and being a good person. I don’t think there is any intrinsic reason to be good, but why allow others to suffer that may not be content or aware of the world in such a way. Not that my way is correct, but I believe it to be for myself at least.
Almost exactly a year later my dad died. What I feared happened, I was even more alone. I went back to work. He was the sole engineer at the company for 30 years; I took over his work by request. It was scary, I was terrified honestly, but I managed to do extremely well and took over the department. We designed and built tools that we never had before, made a great number of improvements and experimented with new ideas many of which worked great. The greatest lesson my dad taught me in our last years together was that it was OK to fail, and that we should learn from those failures. I was no longer scared.
He left very little in the way of a will, by default I believe most things should have went to my sister and I. Family and friends however swept in while I was buried in grief, a year later I offered to buy my dads house from relatives. They said sure, wait tell summer. Summer came, the house was already sold for 1/3 its value. My dad always said he wanted to burn the house to the ground if he left to live elsewhere or died if I did not want it. Now I see why, he put his life into it, kept it immaculate. It is now one of the worst dumps on the road.
My grief was still very overpowering as time went on. My hair once all dark brown now had grey in my beard, I lost a lot of muscle I previously had and got fat instead. However I had a renewed confidence in myself, I felt I had purpose, that I was doing well in life and that I could offer help to others and I wanted to share my time with someone once again. I realized Kristen would want me to go on and be happy no matter what.
I lived in an extremely small town so I tried POF. I began talking with someone there very quickly. We talked a great deal for a number of weeks. She was hesitant to meet in person; she had several failed relationships; I gave her room and time. We finally decided to meet at her friend’s house for dinner. She barely talked; maybe 10 words the entire time, her friends did most of the talking for her. I was OK with that; I can be shy sometimes too.
We began meeting more often, she had no car, no job, she lived with her friends and family, so I always had to drive 40+ minutes to see her. She was fun to be around, very smart, and pretty, no drugs, did not smoke, and she was a great cook! I noticed narcissistic? traits early on through our conversations, and when together. I chalked it up to her being hurt from previous relationships.
Example 1. I drove 40 minutes after work to help a one of her drug addict friends move furniture. I arrived; they were not there. I waited 30+ minutes in my truck while she sat inside her mom’s house with AC. She finally came out to sit with me to wait longer. Still no friend, I said I need to go home, I was exhausted after work, tired, and hungry, and that it was not right to ask someone for help moving and then not be available. She got out of the truck, slammed the door and went back into the house with her nose in the air saying I was an unreasonable piece of shit.
Nearly a year passed, I felt we should break up, she insisted that we would do better if we lived together and not so far away from each other. I bought a trailer for us in a park to try it out. She had gone through 3 jobs at this time, always fault of the job as to why she was fired or quit. She drove my vehicles, her friends moved in with us after losing their place. I paid all the bills, bought nearly all the food. I bought us a new bed, worked on my own vehicles, and the trailer for improvements.
I wanted to break up again, I had been sleeping at the opposite end of the bed for a long time. One night she was begging for sex, I gave in, she could not get pregnant after all. A month later she is waking up every morning puking. Her best friend and husband (I paid for their wedding) knows somethings not right. Yep she is pregnant, tells me on my Birthday. I did not know what to think, the trailer was small, not suited for a family. I had never expected to have a child. The entire pregnancy I worked my ass off, overtime nearly every night, worked from home, bought a car since all I had were trucks. I paid for nearly everything, she worked part time at a pizza place for a while.
Example 2. Every night I came home the place was trashed, garbage everywhere, nothing ever kept clean. I am a very neat and organized person; it was one of my battles with depression. I changed that about my life many years ago. I tried to keep up with it between working, but she was always behind me tearing down what I accomplished. I could not count the times I was screamed at and yelled at over so many different subjects, but it was all hormones, right? One day I come home, there is an 85lb cane corso in the living room. It is her new love, an abused and neglected dog. To this day she is extremely aggressive, she is better now, but will kill anyone that is not family. I cannot tell how much damage this dog has done over the years.
My son was born, my life changed, I knew I could do better, her friends moved, there was more room now, but that trailer was a temporary trial for a relationship, not a home. I started looking for a new job since my current job was extremely stressful, I loved it, but our company went from having 6 people in our tooling department and 1 salesman to having 2 in my tooling department (all the others retired) and 3 salesman. I worked nonstop; new owners did not understand the company.
I found a new job that I interviewed for, nearly identical work for a smaller company. Their engineer was retiring, and they could not find a replacement. We had just found a nice house I was interested in buying. I told the company I needed a few months for closing to happen. They said they would continue to look for a replacement.
3 Months passed, I closed on the house fully in my name, it was a process, I had 0 credit, I had never had a car loan, or credit card in my life, they were able to verify credit through landlords and utility services. A day after closing I received an email, the company asked if I was still available, they had still not found a replacement. I took the job, it was hard leaving my existing job, my dad worked there my entire life, they were almost like family, but I did what was needed for my own wellbeing.
The new job has been wonderful, there over 4 years now, I alone make nearly double the local annual household income. We have always been comfortable, I buy old cars and fix them to drive, the house payment is less than ¼ of my monthly income. I feel lucky the house is great, it is old, 101 years old, but the old owners kept it very well maintained, additions + garage built in the 50s and early 80s, it had a new roof, new windows, modern wiring, very well insulated, new furnace/AC, modern plumbing both supply and waste. The location is on the edge of a small city, not the best city in the world, but the local neighborhood is extremely nice and quiet, mostly older retired folk. We have everything you need within 5-15 minutes, mall, hospitals, fire dept with an ambulance 4 houses down, my job is less than 30 minutes away. It is not the country I grew up in, but it is a nice compromise with a reasonable half acre and nothing but a church and woods behind us!
My sons mother swore having a house would change things. That she would be better at keeping up with her own messes, not letting her things go moldy in the fridge, keeping up with her dog and having a son meant she would not yell so much. 4 years later nothing has changed it is only worse.
I work hard, I support her and my son in every way I know how. Your crafts? Your baking? Photography? Gardening? Keto dieting? Gym memberships? So much I have given you, unfinished crafts are piled to the walls, you never bake anymore, your 900$ camera sits idle, the garden our neighbor plowed for you sat idle both years, you even yelled at him for planting in it to share with you, he used too much room, never weeded, your raised beds I bought for you for mother’s day a year ago have weeds taller than I stand, you scream at me when I finally take them down, I did ask your permission right, oh I’m sorry there was a tomato growing somewhere in there. your Keto diet, we all ate different meals, your keto was expensive, I supported you though, you were doing so well I felt happy for you, but you gave up, that’s OK, your weight never bothered me, but I loved you were trying to be healthier for yourself and our son. Your gym membership, you could not get one, you did not have a credit card, you used mine. You never went for a year, I asked for you to cancel it, it took nearly another year and me threatening to call about fraud. You never payed me back though you said you would, and I was an asshole for asking.
Example 3. Early last summer I realized there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that our relationship was over. We were at the fair, there was a magic show. You were on the bleachers with your niece, I was behind with our son, the music was loud. he kept covering his ears. Daddy, daddy, it is too loud, I tapped your shoulder 3 or 4 times you kept shrugging me off, I was annoying you and disturbing you from watching. I was trying to tell you our son was upset. You gave me a dirty look, I took him to look at tractors, we had such a wonderful time exploring and looking at the machines he loved it! Someone is screaming at me? Why is someone screaming at me? I took him away from you? We were watching the show? No, you and your niece were watching a show. You screamed at me in front of hundreds of people for taking my son away from something that disturbed him. Never ever will I let my son be harmed needlessly. I gave him back to you, we’re not married, you have custody of course, and I walked away, you told me I was garbage for ruining the show, and I was a shit dad for walking away from you. I sat in the hot car for nearly 2 hours while you enjoyed yourself.
I never expected much of you, only to keep your possessions in check, and to keep up with dishes and one of two bathrooms. I love cleaning and organizing, but your items are piled to the walls, you scream at me if I try to organize them with or without you. Our bed is ruined, you bled all over it, your dog has it covered in mud and hair. I sleep on the floor of my own house in the living room. Honestly, it is comfortable, it’s great for my back. I do not mind, but I have no where to put my clothes, I can’t walk in the bedroom, its piled to the walls with your possessions. I built shelves in the basement for unnecessary items that are not often used, It looks like Walmart everything neat and organized in Totes yes I have a lot of items myself, I love my hobbies, and memories but I do keep them organized very well!
My co worker stopped over to work on his car early this summer since I have a garage full of tools and a lift, he was amazed how clean and well organized the outside of the house was and the garage with all of my auto tools and woodworking tools, he needed to use the bathroom. I was embarrassed to let him in. He saw your messes, he asked what was up. I finally told on you I am sorry. Everyone outside of family believed things were great! I showed them your crafts, the baking you used to do, the photographs you could take, I bragged about your Italian cooking, that you were finally got back to working again as a nurse.
No not anymore, I started talking, you broke me, finally. I told my boss, I told our neighbor who works for CPS. I called CPS on my own home asking for advice, explaining the living situation, our fighting, the fact that you have threatened to kill yourself multiple times in the past, once you and my son both. The said to get an attorney that the situation did not sound immediately dangerous.
You had all summer to move out, You claimed our son on taxes, you received stimulus money for you and him both, you work at a nursing home, covid ? you worked overtime, got bonuses. Oh is that a new chevy traverse in the driveway? Does it come with a kitchen? It’s nearing winter, I cannot be in this house with you all winter. You need to be gone.
Speaking of covid? Remember it was real scary early on? Our state shut down non-essential business. I took a week off work, our company stayed open, I protested, we had 3 people extremely ill just weeks before, one had pneumonia, he came back fine, one day he left on his own to see a doctor, the next day were told he’s on a ventilator. None of them tested positive for covid, but it was just before the scare, who knows? Either way I was a (other name for cat) you told me, yet I was trying to protect myself, our son, and you who could spread it to elderly in your facility.
We argued at some point weeks later, you spit in my face trying to infect me, then you find out the opposite wing of your facility has covid cases, you freak out worried about dying and infecting our son. You say I’m an asshole and a piece of shit for somehow not caring when you told me.
This is where we are now, last week a $3500 retainer fee, I will soon be looking for partial custody. I suspect you are bi polar and a narc. You have never got help for yourself, you have admitted to me that you need help, your friends and family say you need help, I have tried for years to support and help you. They are glad I deal with you and not them anymore. I am tired, I am sorry, I can’t do it no more. I have hundreds of photos, I have audio evidence of you telling me I’m not allowed to clean your messes, that you have no plans to move out. I don’t believe it is going to go well for you. I don’t want to hurt you, I never have I want us all to be happy and healthy, together we are not. It must end. It would be cheaper to pay your down payment and fees for a new place, but I think I need to protect myself from you. I don’t trust you.
I was busy all summer, starting my own side business with a friend, a machine shop and automotive shop, we spent months cleaning it and moving tools and machines, cutting trees, clearing brush, making the yard great for me and our son to play in. building Legos with him, riding bikes, playing outdoors, and video games. I helped two unfortunate friends move to our state, they were unable to get the apt they had planned to live in, an eviction was in process, they stayed at my home for less than three weeks. You were pissed, I don’t care I trusted them, your friends lived with us for nearly a year, and then your sister and mom for nearly a year as well. Who paid all the bills anyway? How could two friends of mine, one with disability for income, and another with no current job find a way to move out in 2 weeks? Yet you can’t find a way in 2-3 years?
I like being productive, Everyone at my workplace knows me as the happy guy, always cheerful, I feel they respect me, and trust me, they depend on the work I do. I have plans, I want to pay the house off while my son is young, I have never traveled, I want to travel! Covid was scary this summer, it drove me to start the side business, if normal jobs fail I can work on my own at worst case to get by, I know if I invest I could start my own extrusion company someday. I can design and build tooling from scratch, I just need an EDM and an extruder, my old retired boss has a huge building full of equipment and material.
We have never cheated on each other to my knowledge even though we consider ourselves single for years now. I am loyal to the end, but I must admit the last few weeks I ventured onto POF, looking. Summer is almost over, I have put so much down for so long, I come home and work to avoid our fights or being around you. It means I spend less time with my son as well when I avoid you. I am tired, I want to relax, I want to enjoy life with someone again. Please leave so that I can move on with my life.
Dating sites suck, I can’t see anyone anyway, who wants to date or talk to someone in my position, not until she is gone at least. I used to have so many online friends back when I gamed, I had many female friends and male, we used to all chat so much and game as well. We all moved on, I only talk to a couple now and they are generally not around. A happy conversation would be great! On to reddit we go.
I message a few that seem interesting. Male and female alike, a new friend is a wonderful thing. I talk to some, It is nice, a fresh perspective, new ideas and lives.
One I talked to is different, very well composed, seems smart and happy, but extremely far away, that is great, this is for friends after all. I enjoyed the talks, days later I was not expecting some words, or a picture, she honestly is beautiful, I had no idea. I maybe misunderstood, but I had to make it clear who was still here with me.
I told the situation just in case there was something else in either of our minds, she became quiet for a few days, I told her I was sorry and maybe I misunderstood, It was OK, we had just met, no loss right. I gave her room never expecting to hear from her again.
I honestly do not know the last time I felt depressed, since I had a son there is no room for it in my life, only progress and going forward. Always a busy bee helping others as I can.
That next day I felt depressed, wow, I forgot what it felt like, it had been 7-8+ years since I felt something like that. It was scary, I slept it off. Should I have kept quiet about my son’s mom? Maybe we could have continued talking, but that is selfish, my priority is to not hurt someone else. I admit somehow there was an attraction, I was curious to know more.
She messaged me back days later, saying she was willing to continue talking. What a smile that brought to me. It has been great the few small chats we have had. I do not know that there is anything more than that, probably not. I know she is busy, but I have not heard much else from her. Is it bad to wonder though?
My real profile is mostly DIY and gaming related; I keep personal things separate. I did glance at her profile and realized she has some great talents and hobbies, also difficulties with relationships as many of us have. I feel guilty for taking a look, so I write this in some small part for her as well, if she is curious to read at her leisure. Will it change anything if she reads it, probably not, and that is fine, at least I feel she has had a chance to know me a little better if she so chooses.
I know I am at the end of what I want to say, it is not elegant for sure, it’s probably a mess, I am not a writer after all. I do feel better getting some of this out there is so much more, but the intertubes are only so big! I needed to start preparing notes for the attorney and I feel some of this will help to organize. It’s not a path I ever wanted to take, I had plans and hopes for us as a family but that will never be, I am scared for my sons mom, I worry she wont get help, I know my son needs us both, and we both love him. Her health is getting bad, her weight is out of control, she can barely get up or walk at this point. She was doing so well, I don’t want me son to lose her, he loves her. I can’t help her anymore though.
In the end my priority is my Son, he deserves a happy mother and father, I hope no matter what happens that he will understand someday. who knows what these next weeks will bring, it is only a matter of time before she learns what is happening? How will she react? I hope I do not have to call the police, I fear for her and my son.
Regardless of all that is happening, I do feel happy in my life, I expect good things to come, or I will at least die trying for them. I feel fortunate for all that I have, what I have been through, what I have learned. I continue to grow as a person, I try to not be jaded by the bad experiences, there is always good, as sour as my relationship ended up with my sons mom, it honestly was probably the best thing that happened in my life. I grew into the man I am today because of it, before then I felt I was still a child.
My hope someday thinking about this is to double if not triple this entry with new experiences in life, I am sure it is only time before I can meet someone else that I can share happy times with, someone that I can trust and be there for. I want to watch my son grow, I want to watch his Mom get the help she needs, meet someone else and be happy to watch him grow as well. She is truly a wonderful mom and person when she wants to be, my son should be able to be proud of us both.
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2020.09.02 21:12 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 2, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 2, 2020
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2020.08.30 20:22 Kingofearth23 Anonymity by State/Country: Comprehensive Global Guide III

Ever since i started playing regularly, i've researched anonymity in places. Here is what i have for each state plus a bunch of other countries. If anything is outdated or incorrect, please comment.
United States
Alabama: No current lottery. Source: https://www.wtvy.com/content/news/Lottery-bill-other-legislation-is-likely-dead-in-Alabama-legislature-569059451.html
Alaska: No current lottery/Not Anonymous. "Unlike most other states, Alaska doesn’t have a state-sponsored lottery." Source: https://www.lotterycritic.com/lottery-results/alaska/ Alaska does permit charities to run lotteries, the largest one is Not Anonymous. Source: http://www.lottoalaska.com/
Alaska's governor has proposed a bill to create an official Alaska State Lottery. Source: https://apnews.com/78cacca5137f6b47e41be2de37600044
American Samoa: No current lottery. Source: https://simonsblogpark.com/onlinegambling/simons-guide-to-gambling-in-american-samoa/amp/
Arizona: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for all wins of $100,000 and over. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/arizona-becomes-latest-state-shield-lottery-winners-names-n995696
Arkansas: Not Anonymous/Other entities unclear. "Winner information is subject to disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). A winner who receives a prize or prize payment from the ASL grants the ASL, its agents, officers, employees, and representatives the right to use, publish (in print or by means of the Internet) and reproduce the winner’s name, physical likeness, photograph, portraits, and statements made by the winner, and use audio sound clips and video or film footage of the winner for the purpose of press releases, advertising, and promoting the ASL". Source: https://www.myarkansaslottery.com/claim-your-prize
California: Not Anonymous/Only individuals can claim. “ The name and location of the retailer who sold you the winning ticket, the date you won and the amount of your winnings are also matters of public record and are subject to disclosure. You can form a trust prior to claiming your prize, but our regulations do not allow a trust to claim a prize. Understand that your name is still public and reportable”. Source: https://static.www.calottery.com/~/media/Publications/Popular_Downloads/winners-handbook-October%202018-%20English.pdf
Colorado: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. “As part of the Open Records Act, we are required to release to the public your name, hometown, amount you won and the game you played. This information will be posted on coloradolottery.com and will be furnished to media upon request.” Source: https://www.coloradolottery.com/en/games/lotto/claim-winnings/ Source: https://denver.cbslocal.com/2016/01/15/in-colorado-and-other-states-lottery-winners-can-keep-names-secret/
Connecticut: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a trust or LLC, "Certain information about our winners is public information: Winner's name and place of residence, date of claim, game played, prize amount won, and the selling retailer's name and location. While most winners claim prizes using their individual names, some winners come forward using other legal entities (i.e., trusts, business partnership) to claim their prizes. In those instances, the Lottery will promote the win using that legal entity's name. For more information about such instances, please consult your personal accountant or legal advisor.” Source: https://www.ctlottery.org/Content/winner_publicity.aspx
Delaware: 100% Anonymous if requested by winner. "Many winners have chosen to remain anonymous, as allowed by state law, but their excitement is yours to share!" Source: https://www.delottery.com/Winners and https://www.delottery.com/FAQs
DC: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a trust or LLC. Anonymous question is not directly answered on lottery website. "In the District of Columbia, specific lottery winner information is public record." However, a Powerball Jackpot win was claimed via a LLC in 2009. Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/05/04/AR2009050402008.html
Florida: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via LLC. "Florida Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. Florida law mandates that the Florida Lottery provide the winner's name, city of residence, game won, date won and amount won to any third party who requests the information; however Florida Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential." Source: http://www.flalottery.com/faq
The Florida Lottery allows trusts to claim it, however winner information is still released in compliance with the law. A $15 Million jackpot was claimed by an LLC. Source: https://www.fox13news.com/amp/consumehit-the-lottery-remain-anonymous-not-in-florida Source: http://flalottery.com/pressRelease?searchID=199128
Georgia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for all prizes over $250,000. Source: https://www.stl.news/georgia-governor-signs-bill-allowing-lottery-winners-remain-anonymous/121962/
Guam: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://www.kuam.com/story/11218413/guamanian-wins-big-in-sportsbingo-but-has-yet-to-claim-2m-prize
Hawaii: No current lottery. Source: https://www.kitv.com/story/40182224/powerball-or-mega-millions-lottery-in-hawaii
Idaho: Not Anonymous."By claiming a winning lottery ticket over $600, winners become subject to Idaho’s Public Records Law. This means your “win” becomes an offcial Idaho public record. Your full name, the town where you live, the game you won, the amount you won (before and after taxes), the name of the retailer where you bought the ticket, and the amount the retailer receives for selling the ticket are all a matter of public record." Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source: https://www.idaholottery.com/images/uploads/general/winnersguideweb.pdf
Illinois: Not Anonymous/Anonymous if requested by winner for all wins over $250,000 however info will be released to a FOIA request. "However, Murphy also cooperated with the Illinois Press Association in adding an amendment that ensures that Freedom of Information Act, an act designed to keep government agencies transparent by allowing the public to access any public record by request, supersedes the privacy law, according to attorney Don Craven, the press association’s legal counsel." Source: https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Hidden-riches-Big-lottery-winner-in-Beardstown-13626173.php
Indiana: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via LLC or trust. "Indiana law allows lottery jackpot winners to remain anonymous, with the money being claimed by a limited liability company or legal trust." Source: https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-indiana-mega-millions-winners-20160729-story.html
Iowa: Not Anonymous/Can use a trust to claim but information will be released. "When you win an Iowa Lottery prize of $600 or more, you have to fill out a winner claim form that includes your name, address and Social Security number before you can claim your winnings. Iowa law makes the information on that claim form public, meaning that anyone can request a copy of the form to see who has won the prize. We redact sensitive information, such as your Social Security number, from the form before we release it, but all other details are considered public information under Iowa law (Iowa Code Section 99G.34(5)." Source: https://www.ialotteryblog.com/2008/11/can-prize-winne.html.
For group play, "Prizes can be paid to players who play as a group. A check can be written to an entity such as a trust or to a single individual." Source: https://ialottery.com/pages/Games/ClaimingPrizes.aspx
Kansas: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. "Kansas is one of a handful of states that does not have this requirement. If you win a prize in Kansas, you may request that your identity not be released publicly." Source: https://www.kslottery.com/faqs#faq-8
Kentucky: Anonymity appears to be an option. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website. But multiple instances of winners claiming anonymously have been reported in the news. "Kentucky Lottery spokesman Chip Polson said the $1 million Powerball winner claimed the prize on May 15 and the Mega Million winner claimed the prize on May 12. He confirmed that both players wanted their identity to remain a secret." Source: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2017/05/19/two-1-million-lottery-winners-who-bought-tickets-louisville-want-privacy/101870414/
Louisiana: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. "Under the Lottery's statute, all prize payment records are open records, meaning that the public has a right to request the information. Depending upon the amount won and public or media interest in the win, winners may NOT be able to remain anonymous. The statute also allows the Lottery to use winners' names and city of residence for publicity purposes such as news releases. The Lottery's regular practice is not to use winner information in paid advertising or product promotion without the winner's willingness to participate. Source: https://louisianalottery.com/faq/easy-5#35 Source: https://louisianalottery.com/article/1050/the-williams-trust-claims-share-of-50-million-powerball-jackpot
Maine: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. "In the event that Maine does have a Mega Millions winner, he or she can opt to remain anonymous — but Boardman says that’s never happened. “What a winner could do in Maine is they could file their claim in the name of a trust, and the trust becomes the winner. So that’s how a winner could claim their ticket anonymously,” he says." Source: https://www.mainepublic.org/post/lottery-official-reminds-mainers-they-re-exceedingly-unlikely-win-16-billion-jackpot
Maryland*: Not Anonymous by Law, Anonymous in Practice. "However, the legal basis for this anonymity in Maryland is thin. The Maryland Lottery does not advertise that lottery winners may remain anonymous, but it posts articles on its website about winners and notes those winners who have “chosen to remain anonymous:” Source: https://www.gw-law.com/blog/anonymity-maryland-lottery-winners
*"Please note that this anonymity protection does not apply to second-chance and Points for Drawings contests run through the My Lottery Rewards program. Those contests are run as promotions for the Lottery. As such, they are operated under a different set of rules than our draw games and scratch-off games. The rules of participating in our second-chance and Points for Drawings contests state that winners' identities are published."" Source: https://www.mdlottery.com/about-us/faqs/
Massachusetts: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust "Lottery regulations state that a claimant's name, city or town, image, amount of prize, claim date and game are public record. Therefore, photographs may be taken and used to publicize winnings." Source: https://www.masslive.com/news/2018/05/lottery_sees_increase_in_winne.html
Michigan: Not Anonymous for Powerball and Mega Millions/100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for all other winners over $10,000. "Winner Anonymity. Michigan law requires written consent before disclosing the identity of the winner of $10,000 or more from the State lottery games Lotto47 and Fantasy 5. You further understand and agree that your identity may be disclosed, and that disclosure may be required, as the winner of any prize from the multi-state games Powerball and Mega Millions." Source: https://www.michiganlottery.com/games/mega-millions
Minnesota: Not Anonymous. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but lottery blog states "In Minnesota, lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. A winner's name, city, prize amount won and the place that the winning ticket was sold is public data and will be released to media and posted on our website." Source: https://www.mnlottery.com/blog/you-won-now-what
Mississippi: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. "In accordance with the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law, the Mississippi Lottery will not disclose the identity of the person holding a winning lottery ticket without that person's written permission." Source: https://www.mslotteryhome.com/players/faqs/
Missouri: Not Anonymous. "At the Lottery Headquarters, a member of the Lottery's communications staff will ask you questions about your win, such as how many tickets you bought, when you found out that you won and what you plan to do with your prize money. This information will be used for a news release. You will also be asked, but are not required, to participate in a news conference, most likely at the store where you purchased your winning ticket." Source: http://www.molottery.com/whenyouwin/jackpotwin.shtm
A Missouri State Legislator has submitted a bill to the State House to give lottery winners anonymity. Source: https://www.kfvs12.com/2020/02/25/mo-house-considers-legislation-protect-identity-lottery-winners/
Montana: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. "In Montana, by law, certain information about lottery winners is considered public. That information includes: the winner's name, the amount won and the winner's community of residence. Winners may choose to claim as an individual or they may choose to form a trust and claim their prize as a trust. If a trust claims a lottery prize, the name of the trust is considered public information. A trust must have a federal tax identification number in order to claim a Montana Lottery prize." Source: https://www.montanalottery.com/en/view/about-faqs
Nebraska: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via LLC. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but a winner created a legal entity to claim anonymously in 2014. "Nebraska Lottery spokesman Neil Watson said with the help of a Kearney lawyer, the winner or winners have created a legal entity called Carpe Diem LLC." Source: https://journalstar.com/news/state-and-regional/nebraska/m-nebraska-powerball-winner-to-remain-anonymous/article_a044d0f0-99a7-5302-bcb9-2ce799b3a798.html
A Nebraska State Legislator has now filed a bill to give 100% Anonymity to all winners over $300,000 who request it. Source: https://journalstar.com/news/state-and-regional/nebraska/anonymity-for-lottery-winners-bill-would-give-privacy-to-those/article_1cdba44d-c8bb-5971-b73f-2eecc8cd4625.html
Nevada: No current lottery. Source: https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/casinos-gaming/heres-why-you-cant-play-powerball-in-nevada/
New Hampshire: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a trust. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but a winner successfully sued the lottery and won the right to remain anonymous in 2018. Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2018/03/12/winner-of-a-560-million-powerball-jackpot-can-keep-the-money-and-her-secret-judge-rules/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.bec2db2f7d2c
New Jersey: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.nj.com/politics/2020/01/win-big-you-can-claim-those-nj-lottery-winnings-anonymously-under-new-law.html
New Mexico: Not Anonymous. “Winners of $10,000 or more will have name, city, game played, and prize amount and photo on website.” Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source: https://www.nmlottery.com/uploads/FileLinks/82400d81a0ce468daab29ebe6db3ec27/Winner_Publicity_Policy_6_1_07.pdf
New York: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via a LLC. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but per Gov. Cuomo: "For the past 40 years, individuals wishing to keep their name and information out of the public view have created LLCs to collect their winnings for them." Source: https://nypost.com/2018/12/09/cuomo-vetoes-bill-allowing-lotto-winners-to-remain-anonymous/
North Carolina: Not Anonymous. "North Carolina law allows lottery winners' identity to remain confidential only if they have an active protective order against someone or participate in the state's "Address Confidentiality Program" for victims of domestic violence, sexual offense, stalking or human trafficking." Source: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article54548645.html
North Dakota: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.kfyrtv.com/home/headlines/ND-Powerball-Winners-Have-Option-to-Remain-Anonymous-364918121.html
Northern Mariana Islands: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.nmsalottery.com/game-rules/
Ohio: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but appears to have an anonymous option. "The procedure from there was a little cumbersome. I needed to create two separate trusts. One trust was to appoint me, as the trustee on behalf of the winner, to contact the Lottery Commission and accept the Lottery winnings. The secondary trust was set up for me as trustee of the first trust, to transfer the proceeds to the second trust with the winner as the beneficiary. This enabled me to present the ticket, accept the proceeds, and transfer it to the winner with no public record or disclosure." Source: https://www.altickcorwin.com/Articles/How-To-Claim-Lottery-Winnings-Anonymously.shtml
Oklahoma: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust or LLC. In accordance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act and the Oklahoma Education Lottery Act, the name of any individual, corporation, partnership, unincorporated association, limited liability company, or other legal entity, and their city of residence will be made public. Source: https://www.lottery.ok.gov/playersclub/faq.asp Source: https://oklahoman.com/article/5596678/lottery-winners-deserve-some-anonymity
Oregon: Not Anonymous. "No. Certain information about Lottery prizes is public record, including the name of the winner, amount of the prize, date of the drawing, name of the game played and city in which the winning ticket was purchased. Oregon citizens have a right to know that Lottery prizes are indeed being awarded to real persons. " Source: https://oregonlottery.org/about/public-interaction/commission-directofrequently-asked-questions Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3353432/Man-living-Iraq-wins-6-4-million-Oregon-jackpot.html
Pennsylvania: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. Source: https://lancasteronline.com/news/local/trust-that-won-powerball-no-relation-to-manheim-township-emerald/article_29834922-4ca2-11e8-baac-1b15a17f3e9c.html
Puerto Rico: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/puerto-rico-powerball-winner-claims-prize-chooses-stay-anonymous-n309121
Rhode Island: Not Anonymous/Anonymous if requested but all info is subject to FOIA. "While the Lottery will do everything possible to keep a winner's information private if requested by the winner, in Rhode Island and most other states, this information falls under the Freedom of Information Act, and a winner's name and city or town of residency must be released upon request." Source: https://www.rilot.com/en-us/player-zone/faqs.html
South Carolina: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Anonymity or who can claim is not addressed on lottery website but appears to have an anonymous option based on prior winners. Source: https://myfox8.com/2019/03/15/the-anonymous-south-carolina-winner-of-the-largest-lottery-jackpot-is-donating-part-of-it-to-alabama-tornado-victims/
South Dakota: Not Anonymous for draw games and online games/100% Anonymous for Scratchoffs if requested by the winner. "You can remain anonymous on any amount won from a scratch ticket game. Jackpots for online games are required to be public knowledge. Play It Again winners are also public knowledge." Source: https://lottery.sd.gov/FAQ2018/gamefaq.aspx.
Tennessee: Not Anonymous/Can use a trust but info subject to open records act. Anonymity is explicitly noted as not being allowed on the official lottery website. Source: https://www.tnlottery.com/faq/i-won
However if it is claimed via a trust then the lottery will not give out your information unless requested to do so. "The TN lottery says: "When claiming a Lottery prize through a Trust, the TN Lottery would need identity documentation for the grantor and all ultimate beneficiaries. Once we are in possession of these documents and information, records are generated. If a formal request is made by a citizen of Tennessee, the Trust beneficiary's name, city and state must be made available under the Tennessee Open Records Act." Source: https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/in-tennessee--can-a-lottery-jackpot-be-claimed-whi-2327592.html
Texas: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for $1 million or more IF the winner claims it as an individual AND chooses the Cash option. Not Anonymous if claimed by a trust or LLC or if the winner chooses the Annuity option. Source: https://www.txlottery.org/export/sites/lottery/Documents/retailers/FAQ_Winner_Anonymity_12112017_final.pdf
Utah: No current lottery. Source: https://www.lotterycritic.com/lottery-results/utah/
Vermont: Not Anonymous/Anonymous via trust. “The name, town and prize amount on your Claim Form is public information. If you put your name on the Claim Form, your name becomes public information. If you claim your prize in a trust, the name of the trust is placed on the Claim Form, and the name of the trust is public information.” Source: https://vtlottery.com/about/faq
Virginia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for prizes over $10 million. "A new law passed by the Virginia General Assembly and signed by the Governor prohibits the Virginia Lottery from disclosing information about big jackpot winners." "When the bill goes into effect this summer, the Virginia Lottery will not be allowed to release certain information about winners whose prize exceeds $10 million, unless the winner wants to be known." Source: https://www.13newsnow.com/article/news/local/virginia/new-virginia-law-allows-certain-lottery-winners-to-keep-identity-private/291-c33ea642-e8fa-45fd-b3a4-dc693cf5b372
US Virgin Islands: Anonymity appears to be an option. A $2 Million Powerball winner was allowed to remain anonymous. Source: https://viconsortium.com/virgin-islands-2/st-croix-resident-wins-2-million-in-latest-power-ball-drawing/
Washington: Not Anonymous/Can use a trust but info subject to open records act. "As a public agency, all documents held by Washington's Lottery are subject to the Public Records Act. Lottery prizes may be claimed in the name of a legally formed entity, such as a trust. However, in the event of a public records request, the documents forming the artificial entity may be released, thereby revealing the individual names of winners." https://www.walottery.com/ClaimYourPrize/
West Virginia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner for prizes over $1 million and 5% of winnings remittance. "Effective January 1, 2019, House Bill 2982 allows winners of State Lottery draw games to remain anonymous in regards to his or her name, personal contact information, and likeness; providing that the prize exceeds one million dollars and the individual who elects to remain anonymous remits five percent of his or her winnings to the State Lottery Fund." Source: https://wvlottery.com/customer-service/customer-resources/
Wisconsin: Not Anonymous/Cannot be claimed by other entities. "Pursuant to Wisconsin’s Open Records law (Wis. Stats. Secs. 19.31–19.39), the Lottery is required to disclose a winner’s name, likeness and place of residence. If you win and claim a prize, the Lottery may use your name, likeness and place of residence for any purpose without compensation to you.
Upon claiming your prize, you waive any claims against the Lottery and its representatives for any and all liability which may result from the disclosure or use of such information." "The original winning ticket must be signed by a single human being. For-profit and non-profit entities, trusts, and other non-human beings are not eligible to play or claim a prize." Source: https://wilottery.com/claimprize.aspx
Wyoming: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. "We will honor requests for anonymity from winners. However, we certainly hope winners will allow us to share their names and good news with other players." Source: https://wyolotto.com/lottery/faq/
Other countries
Australia: 100% Anonymous if requested by winner. "The great thing about playing lotto in Australia is that winners can choose to remain anonymous and keep their privacy, unlike in the United States where winners don't have such a choice, and are often thrown into a media circus." Source: https://www.ozlotteries.com/blog/how-to-remain-anonymous-when-you-win-lotto/
Bahamas: No current lottery. Source: https://thenassauguardian.com/2013/01/29/strong-no-vote-trend-so-far-in-gaming-referendum/
Barbados: Not Anonymous. "No. Barbados Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. The Barbados Lottery mandates the winner’s name, address, game won, date won and amount won be provided; however Barbados Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential." Source: https://www.mybarbadoslottery.com/faqs
Brazil: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.lotterycritic.com/lottery-results/brazil-lottery/
Canada: Not Anonymous. Every provincial lottery corporation in Canada requires winners to participate in a publicity photo shoot showing their face, their name and their municipality. Can seek anonymity if you have specific security concerns (rarely granted). Source: https://consumers.findlaw.ca/article/can-lottery-winners-remain-anonymous/
Carribbean Lottery Countries (Antigua/Barbuda, Anguilla, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Maarten/Saba/St. Eustatius, and Turks/Caicos): Not Anonymous. "No. Caribbean Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. The Caribbean Lottery mandates the winner’s name, address, game won, date won and amount won be provided; however Caribbean Lottery winners' home addresses and telephone numbers are confidential." Source: https://www.thecaribbeanlottery.com/faqs
China: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Must appear in a press conference and photo but allowed to wear disguise. Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2015/01/22/china-lottery-winners-mask/22108515/
Cuba: No current lottery. Source: https://oncubanews.com/en/cuba/society-cuba/cuban-traditions/lottery-the-national-game-infographics/
EuroMillions Countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and UK*): 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.euro-millions.com/publicity
*United Kingdom: Excludes
*Caymen Islands, and Falkland Islands: No current lottery. Source: https://calvinayre.com/2018/11/02/business/cayman-islands-move-illegal-gambling-doesnt-address-real-issue/ Source: https://simonsblogpark.com/onlinegambling/simons-guide-gambling-falkland-islands/amp/#lottery-falkland-islands
*Anguilla, and Turks & Caicos: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.thecaribbeanlottery.com/faqs
EuroJackpot Countries (Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands*, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden): 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.euro-jackpot.net/en/publicity
*Netherlands: Excludes
*St. Maarten, Saba, and St. Eustatius: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.thecaribbeanlottery.com/faqs
Fiji: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://fijisun.com.fj/2012/11/08/3m-lotto-win-here/
Georgia (Kartvelia): Anonymity appears to be an option. "2.9.1. Prizes and Winners. Each Bidder shall provide details of:....how winners who waive their right to privacy will be treated;" Source: https://mof.ge/images/File/lottery/tender-documentation.pdf
Guyana: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2013/05/16/winner-says-he-was-too-busy-to-collect-78m-lotto-prize/
India*: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-35771298
*: Only available in the states of Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Mizoram. Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/lottery-mizoram-nagaland-sikkim-kerala-975188-2017-05-04
Indonesia: No current lottery. Source: https://apnews.com/45eb94ff1b1132470a7aa5902f0bc734
Israel: Not Anonymous by Law, Anonymous in Practice. “[A]lthough we have this right, we have never exercised it because we understood the difficulties the winners could encounter in the period after their win. We provide details about the winner, but in a manner that doesn’t disclose their identity,” Dolin Melnik, then-spokesperson for Israel’s Mifal Hapayis lottery told Haaretz in 2009." Source: https://www.timesofisrael.com/why-the-israeli-lottery-gives-winners-masks/
Jamaica: Not Anonymous. First initial and last name of winner was released but winner was allowed to wear a mask for photo. Source: https://news.e-servicis.com/news/trending/lottery-winner-takes-prize-in-scream-mask.1S/
Japan: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/09/08/business/japans-lottery-rakes-declining-revenues-younger-generation-gives-jackpot-chances-pass/#.XRYwVVMpCdM
Kenya: Not Anonymous. "9.1 When You claim or are paid a prize, You will automatically be deemed to grant to O8 LOTTO an irrevocable right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including the internet, for the purposes of promoting the win, Your full name (as well as Your nick name), hometown, photograph and video materials without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights" Source: https://mylottokenya.co.ke/terms-conditions
Malaysia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://says.com/my/news/a-24-year-old-malaysian-woman-just-won-more-than-rm4-million-from-4d-lottery
Nagorno-Karabakh: Not Anonymous. Source: http://asbarez.com/120737/artsakh-lottery-winner-claims-car-prize/
New Zealand: 100% Anonymous if requested by winner. Source: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10383080
North Korea: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.nknews.org/2018/11/north-korean-sports-ministry-launches-online-lottery/
Northern Cyprus: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://www.pressreader.com/cyprus/cyprus-today/20181124/281590946615912
Oman: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: http://www.omanlottery.com/
Philippines: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.rappler.com/nation/214995-ultra-lotto-winners-claim-winnings-pcso-october-2018
Romania: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://www.thelotter.com/win-lottery-anonymously/
Russia: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: http://siberiantimes.com/otheothers/news/siberian-scoops-a-record-184513512-roubles-on-russian-state-lottery/
Samoa: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/191796/samoa%27s-lotto-winner-still-a-mystery
Saudi Arabia: No current lottery. Source: https://www.arabnews.com/police-arrest-lottery-crooks-victimizing-expats
Singapore: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/did-you-win-here-are-results-of-136m-toto-hongbao-draw
Solomon Islands: No current lottery. Source: http://www.paclii.org/sb/legis/consol_act/gala196/
South Africa: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://www.thesouthafrican.com/powerball-results/powerball-winner-r232-million-found-lottery-details/
South Korea: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: https://elaw.klri.re.keng_mobile/viewer.do?hseq=38378&type=sogan&key=5
Sri Lanka: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2010/01/31/where-do-all-the-lottery-winners-go/
Taiwan: 100% Anonymous if requested by the winner. Source: http://m.focustaiwan.tw/news/asoc/201806250011.aspx
Trinidad and Tobago: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://trinidadexpress.com/news/local/student-wins-the-million-lotto/article_3f3c8550-570d-11e9-9cc3-b7550f9b4ad4.html
Tuvalu: No current lottery. Source: http://tuvalu-legislation.tv/cms/images/LEGISLATION/PRINCIPAL/1964/1964-0004/GamingandLotteries_1.pdf
United Arab Emirates: Not Anonymous. Source: https://www.ndtv.com/indians-abroad/shojith-ks-in-sharjah-uae-wins-abu-dhabi-duty-free-big-ticket-4-million-jackpot-rejects-calls-2032942
Vatican City: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/12/04/popes-white-lamborghini-up-for-raffle-winner-gets-trip-to-rome/
Vietnam: Anonymity appears to be an option. Source: https://ampe.vnexpress.net/news/news/vietnamese-farmer-identified-as-winner-of-4-million-lottery-jackpot-3484751.html
Windward Lottery Countries (Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines): Not Anonymous. "Prize winners asked to do so by Winlot must give their name and address, and satisfactory establish their identity. All winners of the Jackpot (Match 6) prize will be photographed. Note that Winlot and CBN reserve the right to publish the names, addresses and photographs of all the winners." Source: http://www.stlucialotto.com/snl/super6_rules_regs.php
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2020.08.29 18:11 HaulA29Augl Success G-ay Help Dat-ing Stor-ies

Success G-ay Help Dat-ing Stor-ies
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Dating Sites in Turkey Gay Dating Sites in Ukraine Gay Dating Sites in United Kingdom Gay Dating Sites in United States Gay Dating Sites in Wales Gay Dating Sites in Wisconsin Gay Dating Sites in Zambia Gay Dating Sites Iowa Gay Dating Sites Islamabad Gay Dating Sites Israel Gay Dating Sites Jhb Gay Dating Sites Jock Gay Dating Sites Jock Minneapolis Gay Dating Sites Kansas City Gay Dating Sites Kelowna Gay Dating Sites Kent Gay Dating Sites Knoxville Tennessee Gay Dating Sites Korea Gay Dating Sites Ky Usa Gay Dating Sites Lancashire Gay Dating Sites Las Vegas Gay Dating Sites Leeds Gay Dating Sites Like Adam4adam Gay Dating Sites Like Facebook Gay Dating Sites Like Planetromeo Gay Dating Sites Like Tinder Gay Dating Sites Local Gay Dating Sites Long Island Gay Dating Sites Longview Tx Gay Dating Sites Louisiana Gay Dating Sites Maine Gay Dating Sites Malta Gay Dating Sites Men Relationships Gay Dating Sites Mexico Gay Dating Sites Middle East Gay Dating Sites Moncton Gay Dating Sites Montana Gay Dating Sites Most Popular Gay Dating Sites N Ireland Gay Dating Sites Nashua New Hampshire Gay Dating Sites Netherlands Gay Dating Sites New Hampshire Gay Dating Sites Newcastle Gay Dating Sites Newcastle Upon Tyne Gay Dating Sites Newfoundland Gay Dating Sites No Registration Gay Dating Sites North East Gay Dating Sites Northampton Gay Dating Sites Northern Ireland Gay Dating Sites Norway Gay Dating Sites Nottingham Gay Dating Sites Ohio Gay Dating Sites Oklahoma Gay Dating Sites Older Gay Dating Sites Omaha Gay Dating Sites on Facebook Gay Dating Sites Online Australia Gay Dating Sites Online Crossword Gay Dating Sites Online Free Gay Dating Sites or Apps Gay Dating Sites or Seniors and Admirers Gay Dating Sites Oregon Gay Dating Sites Orlando Gay Dating Sites Overseas Gay Dating Sites Paris Gay Dating Sites Pc Gay Dating Sites Pennsylvania Gay Dating Sites Perth Gay Dating Sites Perth Wa Gay Dating Sites Philadelphia Gay Dating Sites Phoenix Gay Dating Sites Poland Gay Dating Sites Popular Gay Dating Sites Porn Gay Dating Sites Portland Gay Dating Sites Portland Oregon Gay Dating Sites Pune Gay Dating Sites Qld Gay Dating Sites Queensland Gay Dating Sites Raleigh Nc Gay Dating Sites Ranking Gay Dating Sites Rated Gay Dating Sites Robert Brown Diktek Gay Dating Sites Rockland County Ny Gay Dating Sites Russia Gay Dating Sites Sacramento Gay Dating Sites Salt Lake City Gay Dating Sites Saskatchewan Gay Dating Sites Sex Gay Dating Sites Sex Free Gay Dating Sites Sheffield Gay Dating Sites Similar to Adam4adam Gay Dating Sites Slc Gay Dating Sites Sri Lanka Gay Dating Sites Surrey Gay Dating Sites That Arent About Sex Gay Dating Sites Trinidad Gay Dating Sites Uk Reviews Gay Dating Sites Utah Gay Dating Sites Vancouver Bc Gay Dating Sites Vermont Gay Dating Sites Victoria Gay Dating Sites Vietnam Gay Dating Sites Wales Gay Dating Sites Washington Dc Gay Dating Sites Why Doesn't He Fill Out His Profile Gay Dating Sites Wichita Gay Dating Sites Windsor Gay Dating Sites Winnipeg Gay Dating Sites Workout Gay Dating Sites Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Sites Yelp Gay Dating Sites Yorkshire Gay Dating Sites Younger for Older Guys Gay Dating Sites Zambia Gay Dating Sites Zimbabwe Gay Dating Sitesting Sites Gay Dating Sitez Free Gay Dating Sitwses Gay Dating Skegness Gay Dating Skills Gay Dating Sligo Gay Dating Slim Porn Gay Dating Small Dick Gay Dating Small Town Gay Dating Smartphone Gay Dating Snapchats Gay Dating Snapchats Not Hookups Gay Dating Sniffle Gay Dating So Difficult Gay Dating So Hard Gay Dating Social Anxiety Gay Dating Social Media Gay Dating Social Networks Gay Dating Solapur Gay Dating Someone Who Maintains They're Into Women Gay Dating Someone With Same Name Gay Dating Soshanguve Gay Dating South America Gay Dating South Australia Gay Dating South Korea Gay Dating South Shields Gay Dating South Wales Gay Dating South West Gay Dating South West London Gay Dating Southampton Uk Gay Dating Spot in Bangalore Gay Dating Spots in Bangalore Gay Dating Spots in Varanasi Gay Dating Springfield Ma Gay Dating Springfield Mo Gay Dating Springfield Pa Gay Dating St Albans Gay Dating St Helens Gay Dating St John& 39 Gay Dating St John's Gay Dating St John's Nl Gay Dating Stardew Valley Gay Dating Statement Gay Dating Staten Island Gay Dating Steps Gay Dating Stockdale Tx Gay Dating Stockton Gay Dating Stoke on Trent Gay Dating Stores With Hiv Gay Dating Strategies Gay Dating Strategy Gay Dating Stratford Gay Dating Stratford Ontario Gay Dating Stratford Upon Avon Gay Dating Subreddit Gay Dating Success Stories Gay Dating Sucks Reddit Gay Dating Sudbury Gay Dating Suffolk Uk Gay Dating Sunderland Gay Dating Sunshine Coast Gay Dating Superficial Gay Dating Surat Gay Dating Surrey Gay Dating Svenska Gay Dating Sw Wa Gay Dating Swansea Gay Dating Swindon Gay Dating Syracuse Ny Gay Dating Tacoma Gay Dating Tacoma Washington Gay Dating Taipei Gay Dating Taiwan Sites Gay Dating Taking It Slow Gay Dating Tampa Bay Gay Dating Tampa Fl Gay Dating Taranaki Gay Dating Tasmania Gay Dating Teacher Gay Dating Teen Online Gay Dating Tembisa Gay Dating Text Message Service Access Denied Gay Dating Text Message Service for Business Gay Dating Text Message Service for Businesses Gay Dating Text Message Services Gay Dating Text Messages Service Access Denied Gay Dating Texting Tips Gay Dating Thane Gay Dating Thanet Gay Dating That Actually Date Gay Dating That Isn't Bear Gay Dating Third Date Gay Dating Thrissur Gay Dating Tinder Fatigue Gay Dating Tips 2018 Gay Dating Tips and Advice Gay Dating Tips for Beginners Gay Dating Tips Guys Gay Dating Tips High School Gay Dating Tips London Gay Dating Tips Nyc Gay Dating Tips Reddit Gay Dating Tips Third Date Gay Dating Tips Uk Gay Dating Tirunelveli Gay Dating to Relationship Gay Dating Today Gay Dating Toledo Ohio Gay Dating Toowoomba Gay Dating Top 10 Gay Dating Top and Bottom Sites Gay Dating Top or Bottom Gay Dating Topix Gay Dating Torrington Ct Gay Dating Toxic Men Gay Dating Transmale Gay Dating Travel Gay Dating Truck Drivers Tubes Gay Dating Truckers Tubes Gay Dating Truths Gay Dating Tulsa Ok Gay Dating Tulsa Oklahoma Gay Dating Tunbridge Wells Gay Dating Tunisia Gay Dating Turn Gay Sex Gay Dating Turn Gay Sex Porn Gay Dating Turn Offs Gay Dating Tuscaloosa Gay Dating Twin Cities Gay Dating Uk Facebook Gay Dating Uk Websites Gay Dating Under 21 Gay Dating Union Spam Gay Dating United Knigdom Gay Dating Uruguay Gay Dating Usa Free Gay Dating Usa Site Gay Dating Username Gay Dating Utica Gay Dating Uxbridge Gay Dating Vadodara Gay Dating Valencia Gay Dating Vasai Gay Dating Vegas Gay Dating Vellore Gay Dating Venice Gay Dating Vernon Bc Gay Dating Vero Beach Gay Dating Victoria Australia Gay Dating Video Games Gay Dating Vijayawada Gay Dating Vilnius Gay Dating Virginia Beach 2018 Gay Dating Virginia Beach Club Gay Dating Virginia Beach Clubs Gay Dating Virginia Beach Clubs Near Gay Dating Virginia Beach Hotel Gay Dating Virginia Beach Hotels Gay Dating Virginia Beach Oceanfront Gay Dating Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hotels Gay Dating Visalia Ca Gay Dating Visual Novels Gay Dating Vivastreet Bracknell Gay Dating Volgograd Gay Dating Vs Straight Gay Dating Waco Texas Gay Dating Wakefield Gay Dating Walthamstow Gay Dating Warangal Gay Dating Wardrobe Doubles Gay Dating Warning Signs Gay Dating Warsaw Gay Dating Washington State Gay Dating Web Sights Gay Dating Website Ad Gay Dating Website America Gay Dating Website Approval Gay Dating Website Bay Area Gay Dating Website Berlin Gay Dating Website Boston Gay Dating Website Brazil Gay Dating Website Brisbane Gay Dating Website California Gay Dating Website Chennai Gay Dating Website China Gay Dating Website Delhi Gay Dating Website Dubai Gay Dating Website England Gay Dating Website Europe Gay Dating Website for 13 Year Olds Gay Dating Website France Gay Dating Website Ghana Gay Dating Website Glasgow Gay Dating Website Hong Kong Gay Dating Website in China Gay Dating Website in Dubai Gay Dating Website in Malaysia Gay Dating Website in Singapore Gay Dating Website in Turkey Gay Dating Website in Uk Gay Dating Website Indonesia Gay Dating Website Japan Gay Dating Website Kolkata Gay Dating Website List Gay Dating Website Malaysia Gay Dating Website Melbourne Gay Dating Website Mexico Gay Dating Website Montreal Gay Dating Website Mumbai Gay Dating Website New Zealand Gay Dating Website Northern Ireland Gay Dating Website Nyc Gay Dating Website Nz Gay Dating Website Ottawa Gay Dating Website Pakistan Gay Dating Website Philippines Gay Dating Website San Diego Gay Dating Website San Francisco Gay Dating Website Scotland Gay Dating Website Social Gay Dating Website Sweden Gay Dating Website Sydney Gay Dating Website Template Gay Dating Website That Doesn't Require Money Gay Dating Website Toronto Gay Dating Website Us Gay Dating Website Vancouver Gay Dating Website Yahoo Answers Gay Dating Website.com Gay Dating Websites 2013 Gay Dating Websites 2017 Gay Dating Websites 2019 Gay Dating Websites Apps Gay Dating Websites Asian Gay Dating Websites Atlanta Gay Dating Websites Austin Gay Dating Websites Austria Gay Dating Websites Belfast Gay Dating Websites Belgium Gay Dating Websites Best Gay Dating Websites Birmingham Gay Dating Websites Chennai Gay Dating Websites China Gay Dating Websites Cyprus Gay Dating Websites Dallas Gay Dating Websites Delhi Gay Dating Websites Denver Gay Dating Websites Dubai Gay Dating Websites Dublin Gay Dating Websites Edinburgh Gay Dating Websites Edmonton Gay Dating Websites Egypt Gay Dating Websites for 19 Year Olds Gay Dating Websites Hull Gay Dating Websites in Bangalore Gay Dating Websites in Canada Gay Dating Websites in Cape Town Gay Dating Websites in Chennai Gay Dating Websites in Delhi Gay Dating Websites in Dubai Gay Dating Websites in Germany Gay Dating Websites in Hyderabad Gay Dating Websites in Karachi Gay Dating Websites in Kolkata Gay Dating Websites in Mexico Gay Dating Websites in

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Me-et G-ay With Da-ting Po-rtal Usa
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Gay Dating Meetup in Nyc Gay Dating Melbourne Australia Gay Dating Membership Gay Dating Membership Salt Lake City Gay Dating Memphis Tn Gay Dating Memphis Tn Not Black Gay Dating Men Most Popular Gay Dating Men With Beard Gay Dating Men With Six Packs Gay Dating Message Read Gay Dating Mexican Gay Dating Middle School Gay Dating Milan Gay Dating Milestones Gay Dating Mill Hill Gay Dating Milton Keynes Gay Dating Minecraft Server Gay Dating Mingle2 Gay Dating Minnesotta Gay Dating Mississauga Gay Dating Missoula Gay Dating Missoula Mt Gay Dating Mixed Signals Gay Dating Mobile Uk Gay Dating Moldova Gay Dating Mombasa Gay Dating Moncton Gay Dating Mountain Home Gay Dating Mountain Home Arkansas Gay Dating Mountain Home Arkansas Ome Gay Dating Moving Too Fast Gay Dating Mtf Gay Dating Much Older Gay Dating Multiple Gay Dating Mumbai Topix Gay Dating Munich Gay Dating Muskoka Gay Dating Mysore Gay Dating N Ireland Gay Dating Nagoya Gay Dating Nagpur Gay Dating Naked Erection Gay Dating Naked Hard Cock Picks Gay Dating Naked Hard Cock Pics Gay Dating Nanaimo Gay Dating Nanded Gay Dating Nashik Gay Dating Nashville Tn Gay Dating Navi Mumbai Gay Dating Navsari Gay Dating Near Cleveland Ohio Gay Dating Near Jackson Michigan Gay Dating Near Me 24263 Gay Dating Near Wheaton Gay Dating Near Wheaton Il Gay Dating Near You Gay Dating Nebraska Gay Dating Nelson Gay Dating Nelson Nz Gay Dating Nethrelands Gay Dating Networking Site Gay Dating Networking Sites Gay Dating Nevwr Intiatiates Texts but Always Respinds Gay Dating New Hampshire Gay Dating New Haven Gay Dating New Mexico Gay Dating Newcastle Gay Dating Newcastle Nsw Gay Dating Newcastle Under Lyme Gay Dating Newport Wales Gay Dating News Email Scam Gay Dating News Scam Gay Dating Nha Trang Gay Dating Niagara Falls Gay Dating Nicaragua Gay Dating Nice France Gay Dating Nice Guy Gay Dating Niceville Florida Gay Dating Niche Blackhatworld Gay Dating Niche Reddit Gay Dating Nicosia Gay Dating Niederlande Gay Dating Nightmares Gay Dating Nights London Gay Dating Ningbo Gay Dating Nizamabad Gay Dating No Age Limit Gay Dating No Credit Card Gay Dating No Hookups Gay Dating No Registering Gay Dating Noida Gay Dating Norfolk Uk Gay Dating North Ayrshire Gay Dating North Carolina 2018 Gay Dating North Carolina Beaches Gay Dating North London Gay Dating North Shields Gay Dating North West Gay Dating Northern Ireland Viva Gay Dating Northumberland Gay Dating Not Grindr Gay Dating Not Hook Up Gay Dating Not Hook Up Site Gay Dating Not Out Gay Dating Nothing Serious Gay Dating Nowra Gay Dating Nuneaton Gay Dating Nyc Tumblr Gay Dating Nyu Gay Dating Nz Free Gay Dating Oahu Gay Dating Oakville Gay Dating Oban Gay Dating Odisha Gay Dating Okcupid 77521 Gay Dating Okinawa Gay Dating Oldenburg Gay Dating Olympia Gay Dating Omagh Gay Dating on Android Gay Dating on Ashley Madison Gay Dating on Browser Gay Dating on Bumble Gay Dating on Eharmony Gay Dating on Fb Gay Dating on Iphone Gay Dating on Match Gay Dating on Match.com Gay Dating on Meetme Gay Dating on Okcupid Gay Dating on Our Time Gay Dating on Ourtime Gay Dating on the Down Low Gay Dating on Twitter Gay Dating Online Advice Gay Dating Online Belgium Gay Dating Online Canada Gay Dating Online Colorado Springs Gay Dating Online Free 20 and Up Gay Dating Online Games Gay Dating Online in India Gay Dating Online India Gay Dating Online Indonesia Gay Dating Online Ireland Gay Dating Online Kenya Gay Dating Online London Gay Dating Online Melbourne Gay Dating Online Northern Ireland Gay Dating Online Nz Gay Dating Online Reddit Gay Dating Online Rochdale Gay Dating Online Singapore Gay Dating Online Tips Gay Dating Online Website Gay Dating Online Websites Gay Dating Open Relationship Gay Dating Open Relationships Gay Dating Options Gay Dating Orange Nsw Gay Dating Oregob Il Gay Dating Osaka Gay Dating Oshkosh Wisconsin Gay Dating Oswego Ny Gay Dating Ottawa Ontario Gay Dating Outdoor Gay Dating Outside of Grindr Gay Dating Over 30 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Gay Dating Ranchi Gay Dating Reading England Gay Dating Real Life Gay Dating Reality Tv Shows Gay Dating Recon Gay Dating Redding Ca Gay Dating Reddir Gay Dating Redditch Gay Dating Relationship Advice Gay Dating Relationship Sites Gay Dating Relationship Sites Young Gay Dating Reykjavik Gay Dating Rhodes Greece Gay Dating Rio De Janeiro Gay Dating Riverside Gay Dating Ro Gay Dating Rochester Mn Gay Dating Rockford Il Gay Dating Romford Gay Dating Roses for Sex Meaning Gay Dating Rpg Gay Dating Rugby Gay Dating Runcorn Gay Dating Russian in Us Gay Dating Sabah Gay Dating Sacramento Ca Gay Dating Saigon Gay Dating Saint Louis Gay Dating Saint Petersburg Russia Gay Dating Salinas Ca Gay Dating Salt Lake Gay Dating Salt Lake City Utah Gay Dating Same Name Gay Dating San Antonio Texas Gay Dating San Francisco Bay Area Gay Dating San Jose Ca Gay Dating Santa Barbara Gay Dating Santa Few Gay Dating Santa Monica Gay Dating Santa Nonica Gay Dating Santa Rosa Gay Dating Santiago Chile Gay 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London Gay Dating Service Looking for a 10 Inch Cock Gay Dating Service Melbourne Gay Dating Service Montreal Gay Dating Service New Hampshire Gay Dating Service New York City Gay Dating Service on Long Island Ny Gay Dating Service Over 50 Gay Dating Service Pittsburgh Gay Dating Service South Africa Gay Dating Service Vancouver Gay Dating Service Westchester Ny Gay Dating Services Chicago Gay Dating Services in 21102 Gay Dating Services in Manchester Md Gay Dating Services Kenya Gay Dating Services Nyc Gay Dating Services San Francisco Gay Dating Services W Pics Gay Dating Sex Comes First Gay Dating Sex First Date Gay Dating Sex on First Date Gay Dating Sex Sights Gay Dating Sex Sim Gay Dating Sex Sim Pay Gay Dating Sex Usa Gay Dating Sex X Gay Dating Seychelles Gay Dating Sharm El Sheikh Gay Dating Shelmales Gay Dating Shillong Gay Dating Short Guys Gay Dating Short Overwait Asian Gay Dating Shorter Guys Gay Dating Show 2000s Gay Dating Show 2016 Gay Dating Show 2017 Gay Dating Show 2019 Gay Dating Show Boy Meets Boy Gay Dating Show Bravo Gay Dating Show Casting 2019 Gay Dating Show Contestants Don't Match Gay Dating Show Date My Mom Episodes Gay Dating Show Date My Mom Episodes Online Gay Dating Show Keith Gay Dating Show Logo Gay Dating Show Matt and Ben Gay Dating Show Mtv Gay Dating Show Netflix Gay Dating Show Next Gay Dating Show on Bravo Gay Dating Show on Youtube Gay Dating Shropshire Gay Dating Sida Gay Dating Side Free Gay Dating Side in Harlingen Texas Gay Dating Sight Hinge Gay Dating Sight on Craigs List Marietta Ohio Gay Dating Sign in Gay Dating Sim Apk Gay Dating Sim App Android Gay Dating Sim Boobs Gay Dating Sim Camp Gay Dating Sim Coming Out on Top Sex Gay Dating Sim Dad Gay Dating Sim Game Android Gay Dating Sim Game Kickstarter Gay Dating Sim Games on Steam Gay Dating Sim Iphone

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Profe-ssional G-ay On-line Da-ting Lo-ndon
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Polish Gay Dating App Polyamorous Gay Dating Popular Gay Dating Apps 2018 Popular Gay Dating Apps in India Popular Gay Dating Apps in Japan Popular Gay Dating Sites Popular Gay Dating Sites in India Positive Gay Dating Poz Gay Dating App Pr Gay Dating App Pr Gay Dating Site Pretoria Gay Dating Rooms Professional Gay Dating Professional Gay Dating London Professional Gay Dating Service Raya Gay Dating App Real Gay Dating Apps Real Gay Dating Sites Reddit Gay Dating Stories Reno Gay Dating Rich Gay Dating Rich Gay Dating Apps Rich Gay Dating Site Rich Gay Dating Sites Rich Gay Men Dating Rich Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Romanian Gay Dating Site Rome Gay Dating Romeo Gay Chat and Dating Apk

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2020.08.28 19:16 IdolA28Augl G-ay Da-ting Matc-hmaker

G-ay Da-ting Matc-hmaker
Check the Profiles for Free >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Dating
Gay Christian Dating Online Gay Christian Dating Service Gay Christian Dating Services Gay Christian Dating Site Australia Gay Christian Dating Uk Gay Christian Singles Dating Gay Christian Singles Dating Site Gay Chubby Chaser Dating Gay Chubby Chaser Dating App Gay Chubby Chaser Dating Site Gay Chubby Chaser Dating Sites Gay Closet Dating Gay College Dating App Gay College Dating Site Gay Com Dating Site Gay Community Dating Gay Community Dating Sites Gay Conservative Dating Gay Cop Dating Gay Cop Dating App Gay Country Dating Gay Country Dating App Gay Couple Dating App Gay Couple Dating Site Gay Cousins Dating Gay Cowboy Dating App Gay Crossdresser Dating Gay Cub Dating Gay Cupid Dating Gay Dad Son Dating Gay Daddy Dating App Gay Daddy Dating Site Gay Daddy Son Dating Gay Dating 2018 Gay Dating 2019 Gay Dating 50 Gay Dating Abbreviations Gay Dating Abu Dhabi Gay Dating Accra Gay Dating Acronyms Gay Dating Advice College Gay Dating Advice First Date Gay Dating Advice Second Date Gay 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2020.08.28 18:09 HaulA28Augl Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New

Top Ten G-ay S-ex Da-ting New
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Gay Dating Websites in South Africa Gay Dating Websites Ireland Gay Dating Websites New Zealand Gay Guy Dating Websites Gay Lesbian Dating Websites International Gay Dating Websites Top Ten Gay Dating Websites American Gay Dating Website American Gay Dating Websites Bender Gay Dating Website Black Gay Dating Websites Canadian Gay Dating Websites China Gay Dating Website Dating Websites for Gay Guys Dating Websites for Gay People European Gay Dating Websites Famous Gay Dating Websites Free Gay and Lesbian Dating Websites Free Gay Dating Websites Uk Free Gay Lesbian Dating Websites Free Online Gay Dating Websites Free Websites for Gay Dating Gay and Lesbian Dating Website Gay and Lesbian Dating Websites Gay Arab Dating Website Gay Asian Dating Website Gay Bear Dating Website Gay Bear Dating Websites Gay Bi Dating Websites Gay Catholic Dating Website Gay Christian Dating Website Gay Dating Website Singapore Gay Dating Website South Africa Gay Dating Websites Australia Gay Dating Websites Bangalore Gay Dating Websites Boston Gay Dating Websites Chicago Gay Dating Websites England Gay Dating Websites for 14 Year Olds Gay Dating Websites for 16 Year Olds Gay Dating Websites France Gay Dating Websites Hyderabad Gay Dating Websites in India Gay Dating Websites in Ireland Gay Dating Websites in the Philippines Gay Dating Websites Nyc Gay Dating Websites Philippines Gay Dating Websites Scotland Gay Dating Websites South Africa Gay Dating Websites Sydney Gay Dating Websites Trinidad Gay Dating Websites Wiki Gay Girl Dating Website Gay Guys Dating Website Gay Indian Dating Website Gay Jewish Dating Website Gay Jewish Dating Websites Gay Male Dating Websites Gay Marriage Dating Website Gay Men Dating Website Gay Military Dating Websites Gay Sex Dating Website Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Website Gay Uk Dating Websites Gay Websites for Dating Good Free Gay Dating Websites Grinder Gay Dating Website Hiv Positive Gay Dating Website Irish Gay Dating Websites Israel Gay Dating Website Japanese Gay Dating Website Jewish Gay Dating Website Korean Gay Dating Websites List of Gay Dating Websites Local Gay Dating Websites Manhunt Gay Dating Website Most Popular Gay Dating Websites in India Namibia Gay Dating Website Older Gay Dating Websites Popular Gay Dating Websites Safe Gay Dating Websites Secret Gay Dating Websites Serious Gay Dating Websites Teen Gay Dating Website Teenage Gay Dating Websites Top 10 Free Gay Dating Websites Top 10 Gay Dating Websites Top 5 Gay Dating Websites Top Free Gay Dating Websites Top Gay Dating Websites Totally Free Gay Dating Websites Tunisian Gay Dating Website 00 Free Gay Dating Websites 13 Year Old Gay Dating Website A Gay Dating Website A Really Good Gay Dating Website Profile Introduction Abducting Gay Men on Dating Websites Absolutely Free Gay Dating Websites All Gay Dating Websites Alternative Gay Dating Websites Alternative Gay Dating Websites That Start With the Letter F Are There Any Gay Dating Websites Berlin Gay Dating Website Best Asian Gay Dating Websites Best Australian Gay Dating Website Best Dating Website for Gay Best Dating Website for Gay Men Not Sex Best Dating Website for Gaylord Mi Best Dating Websites for Gay Me Best Dating Websites for Gay Men Reddit Best Dating Websites Gay Best Free Gay Dating Hookup Website Best Free Gay Dating Website Uk Best Free Gay Dating Websites Uk Best Gay Dating Apps Websites Best Gay Dating Website 2013 Best Gay Dating Website 2014 Best Gay Dating Website 2015 Best Gay Dating Website Canada Best Gay Dating Website Europe Best Gay Dating Website in India Best Gay Dating Website in Pakistan Best Gay Dating Website in Uk Best Gay Dating Website in Usa Best Gay Dating Website London Best Gay Dating Website Nyc Best Gay Dating Website Usa Best Gay Dating Websites 2012 Best Gay Dating Websites 2013 Best Gay Dating Websites 2014 Uk Best Gay Dating Websites 2015 Best Gay Dating Websites 2017 Best Gay Dating Websites Free Best Gay Dating Websites in the Uk Best Gay Dating 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Website Blendr Gay Dating Website Botswana Gay Dating Website Brazil Gay Dating Website Cam to Cam Gay Dating Websites Canada Gay Dating Website Chennai Gay Dating Website Chennai Gay Dating Websites Chinese Gay Dating Website Completely Free Gay Dating Website Gay Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Nyc Gay Speed Dating Near Me Gay Speed Dating Los Angeles Gay Speed Dating Vancouver San Diego Gay Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Dublin Gay Speed Dating in Charlotte Nc Gay Speed Dating Orange County Gay Speed Dating Birmingham Gay Speed Dating Los Angeles 2018 Gay Speed Dating Miami Gay Speed Dating Washington Dc Gay Speed Dating in Atlanta Speed Dating Barcelona Gay Speed Dating Gay Toronto Gay Chicago Speed Dating Gay Speed Dating Berlin Gay Speed Dating Chicago Gay Speed Dating Columbus Ohio Gay Speed Dating Dallas Texas Gay Speed Dating London Reviews Gay Speed Dating Long Island Gay Speed Dating New Jersey Gay Speed Dating Nj Local Gay Speed Dating San Francisco Gay Speed Dating Sf Gay 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2020.08.27 21:11 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 27, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 27, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Watch here:
Full Notes
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2020.08.26 19:33 TheGrainLantern According to the FBI, “child abuse is almost at an epidemic level.” To show just how bad it is I have started compiling a list of the arrests involving child trafficking, rape and pornography within the United States. This is just the year 2020...

Was anyone else under the impression that pedophilia is fairly uncommon? I tried to list every major pedophilia related bust that I could, and I’m simply shocked. Surprisingly, a large number of these were not reported nationwide, or at all. A lot of the links are from local news outlets, and many are government websites. These stories need more coverage. People need to realize what we’re actually dealing with here. And a reminder that this is a list of U.S. related arrests, charges and indictments in 2020 alone. Also I am still working on and have 6,000 DoJ documents to go through and add to this list....
> Despite rescuing 600 children last year, the FBI says child sex abuse is at epidemic levels where tens of thousands of children are believed to be sexually exploited in the country each year. “The level of paedophilia is unprecedented right now,” Joseph Campbell of the FBI told the BBC. > Campbell, who works in the Criminal Investigation Division, has seen individuals from all walks of life engaged in both child pornography and child exploitation, calling it a problem almost at an epidemic level.”
The sources for are for this post are all local media, state government and municipalities and FBI/DoJ/ICE reports. I have only just started to compile this list. And in that short time I’m rather disgusted to say that the list keeps growing. I am relieved to see these are all arrests, charges and or indictments. However given the lenient charges most child sex offenders receive. I am however, very disturbed to know that in several instances, the abusers were right back out on the streets.
Please feel free to leave any links that you do not see mentioned. I will continue to update this list as I go along. I have done my absolute best to make sure all of the headlines presented are individual and specific cases and not the same case being repeated over different headlines. I have also included the dates of the release to ensure accuracy. I will mention that in compiling this list I have noticed a trend that should come of no shock to many of you. That pedophiles and child a users lurk everywhere and take part in all types of jobs and careers. Specifically those with access to children and even those who are sworn to protect them. Disney employees, teachers, priests, superintendents, police officers, soldiers, politicians, nannies, gang members.
Pedophiles truly are everywhere. And we are without a doubt facing an epidemic of people preying on, abusing, raping and exploiting children.
I have put the dates from most recent (August) to the least (January).
Once again please do not hesitate to add any links that you do not see presented and I will edit them in accordingly. Please do not hesitate to copy and paste this. Do not worry about giving credit. It is the information contained that is of utmost importance.
The U.S. Marshals Service rescued 26 children, located 13 missing kids and arrested nine people in GA on trafficking and kidnapping charges 8/27/2020
Church Bell Ringer Who Played On Celine Dion CD Caught With Child Porn 8/27/2020
North Port man arrested for possession, promotion of child porn 8/27/2020
21 Arrested in NJ Statewide Child Porn Bust Amid COVID-19 Crisis 8/26/2020
2 Broward women arrested on charges involving sex trafficking of minors 8/26/2020
Wheeling man admits to child pornography charge 8/25/2020
Local man arrested for allegedly trafficking in child porn 8/25/2020
Hernando sting leads to the arrest of nearly two dozen accused of attempting to meet children for sex 8/21/2020
Serial Child Predator in Philadelphia Sentenced to 25 Years for Producing Child Pornography 8/20/2020
East Hartford Men Charged with Sex Trafficking Minor Victim 8/20/2020
Northport man faces child pornography charges 8/19/2020
Former Bucks County Youth Basketball Coach Sentenced to 20 Years for Child Exploitation Offenses 8/17/2020
FBI tip on child pornography leads to arrest of Beaumont man 8/14/2020
Fenton included in GHOST sting operations yielding 17 arrests Charges include possession of child porn, accosting a child for immoral purposes and using computer to commit a crime 8/14/2020
Killeen Police Arrest Nine Men, Including Three Soldiers, in Child Sex Ring Case 8/14/2020
Federal jury finds Lincoln man guilty of sex trafficking 2 teens, making child porn 8/13/2020
Randolph Man Charged With Production Of Child Pornography 8/13/2020
College Station man admits guilt to multiple charges under Project Safe Childhood 8/13/2020
Two arrested in Meriwether for child pornography 8/13/2020
Northwest Ohio police officer arrested on child-pornography charges 8/13/2020
Federal Jury Convicts Lincoln Man of Sex Trafficking and Child Exploitation 8/12/2020
Reading, PA Man Sentenced to 19+ Years for Stockpile of 200,000+ Images of Child Pornography 8/12/2020
Man charged with possession, distribution of child porn 8/11/2020
Two Fort Hood soldiers among nine arrested in child sex trafficking sting 8/10/2020
Utah man arrested for child sex trafficking via Twitter, Tumblr 8/8/2020
34 arrested in child sex sting; only 9 remain in jail 8/7/2020
MS-13 members from Woodbridge charged in sex trafficking case involving 13-year-old runaway 8/6/2020
2nd Child Sex Trafficking Arrest Made By DC Police, FBI 8/5/2020
Three men arrested on child porn charges in Madison County 8/5/2020
Columbia Mississippi police arrest 7 in child exploitation, human trafficking sting 8/4/2020
Houston man indicted for exploiting toddler 8/4/2020
10 charged in Clayton County child pornography sting 8/4/2020
Officer’s Truckers Against Trafficking Training Led to felony Child Sex Abuse Arrest 8/4/2020
Navy Technician Sentenced to Prison for Sexually Abusing Minor at Groton Sub Base 8/3/2020
Reno man is arrested on sex-trafficking charges in child pornography case 7/30/2020
Starke man arrested for child pornography 7/30/2020
Leon County teacher, several others, arrested on child sex charges in Tallahassee 7/29/2020
‘Operation Predator’ busts eight men for child sex trafficking 7/29/2020
Detectives arrive at Decatur man's home to arrest him on child porn charges, police say 7/24/2020
Rochester Man Pleads Guilty To Possession Of Child Pornography 7/24/2020
Convicted Sex Offender from Underhill Charged with Possessing Child Pornography 7/24/2020
Joint FBI, Texas DPS, and El Paso County Constable’s Office Announce the Results of Operation Cerberus 7/23/2020
Redding Police: Man arrested for possession of child porn 7/22/2020
2 men accused of distributing child pornography 7/21/2020
Former Jackson Police Officer Charged with Enticement of a Minor and Obstruction of an Investigation 7/21/2020
Glendive man admits making child pornography videos 7/21/2020
Baltimore Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Federal Charge of Possession of Child Pornography 7/21/2020
FBI, International Operation Recovers 18 Children From Sex Trafficking Ring 7/17/2020
Polk Cty. Man Arrested For Possessing Sexually Abusive Child Pornography 7/17/2020
Athens man arrested for 60 counts of child porn, human trafficking, incest, more 7/16/2020
More people arrested in Tallahassee child sex, human trafficking investigation 7/15/2020
Ten people, including a candidate, arrested in Tallahassee on variety of child sex crimes 7/14/2020
18th Street gang behind Chester County child sex-trafficking case, court records say 7/13/2020
Florida man indicted for sex trafficking children, online enticement 7/10/2020
Authorities bust human sex trafficking ring in Chester County; girl, 14, rescued 7/10/2020
Federal grand jury indicts 4 men in separate cases of trafficking child porn 7/10/2020
Man sentenced to more than 11 years for sex trafficking of minors 7/8/2020
Oxnard police arrest man on suspicion of child pornography possession 7/8/2020
Ohio priest indicted on charges of child pornography and juvenile sex trafficking, US attorney says 7/3/2020
Anne Arundel police arrest Glen Burnie man on child pornography charges 7/3/2020
Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on child sex abuse conspiracy, perjury charges 7/2/2020
25 Yr. Old Man Arrested for Promoting Child Pornography 7/1/2020
Child sex trafficking investigation leads to 10 arrests in Yakima County 6/26/2020
Oshkosh man charged for possessing, distributing child pornography one of 65 identified in widespread FBI operation 6/25/2020
Wheelersburg man indicted on child sex trafficking charges 6/25/2020
Nine arrested, charged federally in connection to human trafficking operation involving drugs exchanged for sexual access to children 6/24/2020
Calhoun man arrested accused of 400 counts of Child Pornography, 100 counts of Crimes Against Nature 6/18/2020
Pensacola nanny, porn actress arrested in April now charged with human trafficking 6/17/2020
Disney workers among 16 arrested for possession of child porn, Polk County sheriff says 6/16/2020
Tuscola man faces federal charges of attempted child sex trafficking 6/5/2020
Livingston ISD employee arrested after child porn found on his home computer 6/2/2020
Maryland State Police Arrest Two Men On Child Pornography Charges In Carroll County 5/28/2020
Warwick Man Arrested on Child Pornography Charges 5/21/2020
SJPD Arrests Paraeducator for Possession of Child Pornography 5/21/2020
8 Men Arrested in Child Sex Trafficking Sting 5/19/2020
Hart County Man Arrested on Charges of Sexual Exploitation of Children 4/9/2020
Uni High teacher, cross-country coach arrested on federal child-porn charges 4/3/2020
Oakhurst Man Arrested on Child Pornography Charges 3/13/2020
Multiple arrests in child trafficking investigation 3/6/2020
Walnut Creek arrest reveals secret world of child sex trafficking; girls as young as 9 allegedly being bought and sold in the Bay Area 3/1/2020
GA Man Arrested for Child Exploitation by GBI 3/1/2020
Three men arrested for child sex trafficking, child porn charges in Bloomington 2/25/2020
Wisconsin superintendent arrested on federal sex trafficking, child porn charges 2/24/2020
Charlotte man arrested on sex trafficking, child porn charges 2/20/2020
Valdosta State University dean arrested in child sex sting 2/11/2020
14 men arrested in South Georgia child exploitation sting 2/10/2020
FBI Announces Sex Trafficking Task Force Arrests and Juvenile Recoveries 2/7/2020
518 arrested in California operation targeting child and human traffickers 2/6/2020
Authorities bust child sex ring in Maury County 2/3/2020
27 Arrested in Child Sex Crimes Operation 1/30/2020
Fort Irwin man arrested for possession of child pornography 1/21/2020
Grand Island teacher, student arrested in human trafficking, child porn investigation 1/14/2020
Mueller witness George Nader pleads guilty to child porn, sex trafficking 1/13/2020
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2020.08.24 21:14 CindyMorrisonwatts1 {Discussion} 18 of the Spookiest Ghost Towns in America

{Discussion} 18 of the Spookiest Ghost Towns in America

18 of the Spookiest Ghost Towns in America

Old mines, abandoned buildings, and ghostly orbs: These are a few of the most haunted locales in the country.

Though there are some seriously spooky haunted hotels out there, these ghost towns are almost more frightening. The abandoned cities stretch all throughout America, and are rumored to be extra eerie. But they weren’t always that way. Most of them were once prosperous mining towns filled with people hoping to make it rich by discovering gold or silver. Now, many have been untouched for over a hundred years (yet some still have a ton of historic buildings somehow still standing).
There are ghost towns all over the U.S., if you’re brave enough for a visit. They’re located in Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico, New York, West Virginia, and more. Not all of them are rumored to actually be haunted places, but some do have spirits of former business owners or residents wandering around the general stores or old jails.
Not all of them are totally defunct, either. One even apparently has an “internationally acclaimed” restaurant! Ready to plan your trip, or take a virtual one? Check out this roundup of the best ghost towns America has to offer.

1 Calico, California


Although you probably won't find any silver in this one-time mining hot spot, you can experience a goldmine of activities in this ghost town turned tourist attraction. At Calico Ghost Town—now a California historical landmark—you can explore Maggie Mine, the only formerly used mine in the area that's safe for guests to see. You can also take a ride on Calico Odessa Railroad to see all of the sights. If you're really feeling daring, you can even participate in one of the spooky ghost tours!

2 Rhyolite, Nevada

On the eastern edge of Death Valley sits Rhyolite, a former mining hub. At its peak in 1907, this town boasted a hospital, an opera house, and a stock exchange. The area seemed so promising that even Charles M. Schwab invested and bought one of the mines. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the thousands of people to scatter: A financial crises, natural disasters, and the loss of funding caused nearly every resident to leave the Nevada spot by 1920.

3 Goldfield, Arizona

Aptly named, Goldfield was swarming with miners hopeful for gold in the late 1800s, but was dried up by 1898. The area was inhabited and renamed Youngsberg in 1921, but was abandoned once again in 1926. In 1988, the defunct city took the route of a few other ghost towns and became a tourist attraction with a handful of activities including a zipline, a reptile exhibit, and horseback rides. There's also a museum, a saloon, and other different merchants.

4 St. Elmo, Colorado

Formerly named Forest City, St. Elmo was once a bustling mining center with a population of 2,000 at its peak. By 1930, though, only seven people reportedly resided there, including the family who ran the general store and the hotel—one who is rumored to haunt the place to this day. Now privately owned and maintained, visitors can still swing by the small city, which is said to have some of the most paranormal activity in the state.

5 Terlingua, Texas

Though most of its residents fled after the market for mercury crashed, Terlingua actually remains fairly bustling. Visitors can snack on chili at the "internationally acclaimed" restaurant, grab a drink at the saloon, explore the ruins, and wander the halls of the old jail during their time at the historic hotspot.

6 Virginia City and Nevada City, Montana

Interested in experiencing the mortal fear of trying to stay alive in the gun-slinging Old West? The former residence of Calamity Jane, Virginia City has resisted change since 1863, with hundreds of historic buildings still standing. One mile down the road on Alder Gulch is Nevada City, another town that boomed and busted thanks to the Gold Rush. Ride a train between the two cities where you can witness early settlers struggle to survive and actual historic events through living history shows (the hanging of Red Yeager, anyone?). The reality of life in a Gold Rush town is likely to leave you shaking in your (cowboy) boots.

7 Bodie, California

Abandoned by the discouraged gold rushers who followed William Bodie to the town to try—but not succeed—to find more of the precious metal he had discovered in 1859, this well-known ghost town in California has been left eerily untouched for more than 150 years. Shacks still stand with tables set, waiting for their long-gone residents to return, while shops and restaurants are still stocked up with some supplies, prepared to service customers who will never arrive. If that isn't spooky, what is?

8 Cahawba, Alabama

Southwest of Selma lies "Alabama's most famous ghost town." As the state's first permanent capital from 1820 to 1825, a bustling center for the trading and transport of cotton before the Civil War, and a village for freed slaves after the war, this town at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers made several comebacks after floods and yellow fever epidemics. Unfortunately, its residents all drifted away for good by 1900. Now known as Old Cahawba Archaeological Park, the town and its abandoned streets, cemeteries and ruins have been the setting for many ghost stories, including one about a ghostly orb appearing in a now-vanished garden maze at the home of C. C. Pegues.

9 Kennecott, Alaska

Considered the best remaining example of early 20th-century copper mining, this mill town is at the end of a 60-mile dirt road in the middle of Alaska's massive Wrangell–St. Elias National Park. From 1911 to 1938, Kennecott employed as many as 300 people in the mill town and 300 in the mines, processing nearly $200 million worth of copper. As a company town, it included a hospital, general store, school, skating rink, tennis court, recreation hall, and dairy. By 1938, however, the copper ore was tapped out, and the Kennecott Copper Corporation abruptly abandoned the town, leaving behind their equipment, their buildings, and their personal belongings.The National Park Service and tour operators offer guided access to the 14-story concentration mill and several other historic buildings, telling tales of lucky fortunes, tenacious frontiersmen, and tragic endings in the remote wilderness.

10 Bannack, Montana

This desolate former mining town in Montana is so riddled with paranormal activity it was featured in an episode of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. Founded in 1862 when John White discovered gold on Grasshopper Creek, Bannack was a typical gold rush town in the Wild West. After gold was discovered in nearby Virginia City, many prospectors moved there and the road between the two towns became the scene of more holdups, robberies and murders than almost any other stagecoach route—with the leader of the outlaw gang later discovered to be Bannack's very own sheriff. The mining town lasted longer than most, with its population finally petering out between 1930 and 1950, at which point the state of Montana made the well-preserved town a state park. Today, over sixty structures are still standing, most of which can be explored.

11 South Pass City, Wyoming

Another well-preserved mining town in the American West, South Pass City was founded in 1867 when the large Carissa gold deposit was discovered near the Sweetwater River. Located about 10 miles north of the Oregon Trail on the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains, throngs of prospectors soon descended on the area despite the severe conditions, hoping to also strike it rich. Within a year, the population had swelled to about 2,000 people, mostly men, and saloons, brothels, and the boisterous and dangerous life of a frontier town were in full swing. Despite throwing themselves into the back-breaking work, the prospectors didn't find more large gold deposits, so by the mid 1870s, only 100 people remained. Homes, stores, hotels and saloons fell into disrepair, with the last of the pioneer families moving away in 1949. Today, a handful of residents have returned to live in South Pass City, and the South Pass City State Historic Site features more than 30 preserved historic structures dating from the city's heyday.

12 Centralia, Pennsylvania

With smoke and noxious gases escaping from every nook and cranny, this Pennsylvania town has been smoldering since 1962—and its underground fire is expected to burn for 250 more years. A landfill burn gone awry sparked the fire in an abandoned coal mine, which quickly spread into the veins of the coal deposits that had once been the key to Centralia's prosperity. When the initial damage was done, the catastrophe had scorched 140 acres of the town and the surrounding area. Residents evacuated, homes were leveled, and the highway was closed down as the massive fire caused gaping sinkholes spewing fumes. Of the nearly 2,000 Centralia residents who were there when the mines caught fire, only six still remain, determined to make the few streets and buildings in this doomed town their home until they die. This town is the real inspiration for the Silent Hill Movies and Video game franchisees. It is also the place of a death for the infamous occultist Viridian Cruz and the origin of the haunted tales of the Flying Burning Miner.

13 Thurmond, West Virginia

Thurmond's empty downtown belies the fact that five people still actually live in this West Virginia town, now a ghost of the thriving community it used to be. Once a big stop on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, the invention of the diesel locomotive in the 1950s rendered its coal-run railroad obsolete. The train depot is now a museum, Amtrak station, and visitors' center for travelers who come to the region to raft on the New River Gorge National River, and the quaint Thurmond Historic District is on the National Register of Historic Places. Surprisingly untouched by modern development, Thurmond is a throwback to an American town of the past, an unsettling reminder of how prosperity can be fleeting.

14 Glenrio, Texas/New Mexico

During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, travelers packed Route 66, sending tens of thousands of people through Glenrio, a tiny town on the border of Texas and New Mexico that offered motorists a road stop with gas stations, diners, bars, western-themed motels, and even a dance hall. When I-40 was built in the 1970s, however, drivers now bypassed the former overnight desert oasis. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Glenrio Historic District includes the old Route 66 roadbed and 17 abandoned buildings, like the Little Juarez Diner, the State Line bar, and the State Line Motel, its now-broken signs announcing to nonexistent motorists that it's the "last in Texas"—or the "first" depending on your direction of travel through the American West.

15 Bulowville, Florida

Cleared of its natural forest in 1821 by Charles Bulow to establish a 2,200-acre plantation to grow sugar cane, cotton, indigo, and rice, this East Florida land soon also housed the area's largest sugar mill, built by Bulow's son, John. Its title didn't last long, however, as the Seminole Indians set fire to the plantation and mill in 1836 during the Second Seminole War. Built of hardy local coquina rock, the mill's massive ruins now rise eerily among the large oak trees that have reclaimed the land in the 150-acre Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park, while the crumbling foundations of the plantation house and slave cabins show the volatility of Florida frontier life.

16 Essex County Jail Annex, North Caldwell, New Jersey

A prison is always haunting, but an abandoned one exudes an even creepier feeling, especially the austere Victorian-style Essex County Jail Annex in New Jersey. First built in 1873 and expanded over the years to include an auditorium, hospital, and cafeteria, much of the facility was closed down in the 1970s and it was abandoned for good in the late 1990s. Left to decay and vandalism by thrill-seekers, inmates' files filled with mugshots and rap sheets soon covered the floor of the auditorium, while shotgun ports and tear gas modules on the ceilings of the mess hall remain to remind trespassers of their potential harrowing fate should they be judged criminals.

17 Grossinger's Catskill Resort, Liberty, New York

In its heyday, the Grossinger's Catskill Resort was the sort of seasonal retreat featured in Dirty Dancing, where well-to-do families in the 1950s spent their summers lounging by its two massive swimming pools, playing golf or tennis, and enjoying the lush 1,200-acre surroundings just two hours north of New York City. In the winters, it offered theatre and skiing, the first place in the world to use artificial snow on its slopes. Of the cabins, cottages, hotel, landing strip, post office and more that served the resort's hundreds of thousands of guests until it closed in the mid 1980s, a few exquisite places still remain undemolished or horribly vandalized. One is the stately natatorium, gorgeously overgrown with moss and ferns, with sunlight streaming through its windows and skylights onto the graffitied pool and abandoned lounge chairs. The other is the hotel's lobby and ballroom where the twin staircases, massive fireplaces and a checkerboard ceiling suggest its former glory. If you listen hard enough, you might still hear the tinkling of cocktail glasses or the clicks of heels dancing the foxtrot.

18 Rolling Acres Mall, Akron, Ohio

Built in 1975 and expanded several times, the Rolling Acres Mall once housed more than 140 stores, a movie theater and a food court. In 2008, the mall was closed and only two large retailers continued to operate, with all stores finally closing in 2013. Having changed owners several times and currently in the process of foreclosure, the once-bustling mall will likely be demolished. Until then, the 1,300,000-square-foot space remains an eerily empty relic of modern civilization, with its cracked glass ceilings letting in snow during winter storms as if the structure stands alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Disclaimer: Although gathered from credible sources, some or all of this article may be false. Or some or all may be true. I cannot validate either. Some of the photos and art submitted are from online followers and may not be accurate depictions of the things, people or places they may be referring to. I do not hold any responsibility for submitted photos, art or submitted articles. All art, photos and articles are copyright of their respective creators. This is a thread and subreddit dedicated to mythology and lore and some of the topics and postings here may be completely false, partially false or entirely true. Me and my moderators cannot vouch for either.
#americana #ghosttowns #ghosttownsofamerica #ghosttownships #folklore #hauntings #hauntedplaces
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2020.08.22 10:17 StanleyBolten Alex Jones announces he will scrub Millie Weaver content from Anti-Censorship platform Banned(dot)video, contradicting himself; saying Bon Voyage Millie!

Alex Jones announces he will scrub Millie Weaver content from Anti-Censorship platform Banned(dot)video, contradicting himself; saying Bon Voyage Millie!

by Laurie Azgard
Alex Jones, a prominent alternative media activist who decried censorship of Infowars material on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube has now shown his true colors, and vows to delete all Millie Weaver content including her documentary Shadowgate on Banned.video.
It should also be interesting to note that while he verbally attacks all of the censorship of Infowars content and material of his news reporters, he is now engaging in such a open desire to delete her entire Banned.video channel of interviews, exclusive reports, investigative news reports, any other good content that Millie Weaver had brought to light from the shadow of darkness. So Alex Jones has shown that he is a true hypocrite like the pharisees of the Bible with Jesus. Alex Jones is a true hypocrite that decries censorship by other big tech platforms but then vows to delete her channel and all content within including her “Shadowgate” documentary. So Alex Jones is very well into censorship when he decries it. Wonder why Donald Trump doesn’t even mention anything about Alex Jones ever since he became President, maybe because Donald Trump had learned what a fake person and a liar Alex Jones truly is. A president can investigate things like Mossad connections and can get access to intelligence materials that the average American citizen does not have access to, including whether Aor not Alex Jones is a CIA controlled opposition asset.
Here is a rough transcript of what was said on that segment of the Alex Jones show dated August 21, 2020:
But first let me bring up something here that I owe the listeners. I didn’t tell Millie Weaver yesterday that I was no longer going to work with her after working with her for about 8 years because of the film Shadowgate. It was when the Shadowgate film got released, I didn’t know what was in it, and then somebody they sent over to the office was saying things that I knew were patently not true and when we brought up the things that weren’t true about what he said on air about Roger Stone working with General Jones and all this stuff. I tried to respond to them and they just acted like I was crazy. So then I saw on the internet researching the people they’re are involved in, I was so blown away by it that I was like this is so bad that if I talk about this the media is gonna attack me for it. But if I don’t talk about it I’m covering something up, and so I’m going to talk about it. That’s how I work. I don’t know what Millie’s into, I wanna think she is a good person, but the people that she’s involved with are some serious people. I’ll leave it at that. They been like sending us Punisher images on Twitter, like that threatens us, like when people threaten us we get scared or whatever the Punisher does, okay great. So I’ll probably go further now because of that, because you did that, that’s a rule I have, but if you go to Banned.video, I’m not gonna cover this ever again, I’m not gonna respond to it, the full Shadowgate film now has a write up that I wrote this morning and then links to what Katelyn Bennet put out separately from her own research that we found at the best of our own belief is accurate about the people that are involved. So we’re not cupling, ah decupling because of her getting arrested for reportedly a scuff up with a broken phone with her mom, and it is not because of the film Shadowgate, it’s because once the film came out people are like you know who these people are and then separately they were attacking us at the same time so I went and looked and I had it checked by experts and it was just like are you kidding me. But this is what attaches itself to Q, this is what attaches itself to anybody that is successful. Millie is successful. She did well, we gave her total freedom, and I’m done. In fact on Monday I’m gonna take the Shadowgate film down and her channel because it’s my site, it’s my operation and I choose to not be associated with it. And not even because of the film, I just saw them making statements about “oh he didn;’t fund our film, it’s our film” because they are acting like they don’t want it there, you got it, it will be off the site Monday. People that want it they can go see it, they can download it. If they ask me today to take it down, I’ll take it down right now too. So I’m done, I ain’t talking about Millie Weaver again, and I’m just saying I don’t believe a word that is coming out of any of their mouths. and that’s it, you couldn’t write a script for this stuff and all I have is the truth, so I’ve done it here, so Bon Voyage Millie have fun with those folks your working with. – Alex Jones Segment, Alex Jones show dated August 21, 2020, rough transcript, please contact me to report any errors with the transcript.
An article was written a few days ago in regards to Millie Weaver reporting that her professional work relationship was terminated, meaning that she was fired from working as a contractor and news reporter for Infowars.
That segment, Alex Jones was again attacking both QAnon and military veteran and whistleblower Patrick Bergy. Here again are some of his tweets showing how ridiculous Alex Jones and his Infowars organization sounds.




Patrick Bergy sounded like he didn’t even do the very things that Alex Jones had claimed. Alex Jones really blew things out of proportion which is what he had been doing, he did the same thing with the Disney movie “Frozen 2” claiming that the queen was some lesbian queen when in reality her sister already had a boyfriend and only slept with her sister as any sibling family member would. The siblings were not sexual in any part of the Disney movie but yet Alex Jones made totally unsubstantiated claims. So Alex Jones has a history of making claims that cannot be substantiated. If anybody wants me to write an article with proof showing every unsubstantiated claim Alex Jones had ever made, I will agree to this challenge and will point to what he says on the Alex Jones show and prove him wrong. Alex Jones is a liar and is ruining a mother, a news reporter, somebody decent who supported Donald Trump who wants to help drain the swamp.
The attacks and infighting started by Alex Jones or started by the Deep State or both are exactly what will led Millie Weaver to ruin. The comments on the Banned.video page shows that Alex Jones has already turned people against her and are causing people to not want to donate to her legal fund which will ruin her life and force her to falsely plead guilty to charges she may not even be guilty of. Just like what had happened with Brian D. Hill of USWGO alternative news. He lost his support group on Facebook after infighting had started, people all over that support page were contacting Alex Jones to help Brian prove his innocence by covering his story on Infowars, and Infowars did absolutely nothing but ignore Brian’s federal charge based upon possibly fraudulent evidence. After that, he had no fundraiser that could have ever been raised, so Brian was stuck with a federal public defender Eric David Placke who told Brian to either plead guilty or be found guilty and get a worse sentence. Placke never investigated anything that could have beat his criminal charge. Placke had plenty of evidence and could have raised fraud, and the fraudulent evidence would have been questioned and more than likely his federal charge would have been dismissed due to lack of real evidence. Instead Brian falsely plead guilty in federal court. This is what we all fear will happen to Millie Weaver. Her legal funds will dry up, she will have difficulty with finding a big enough platform to talk about her case, and with her reputation being destroyed she will be unable to acquire the legal funds necessary to defeat the fraudulent or wrongfully filed charges against her in the Ohio court of common pleas. Then she will be appointed a public defender who will tell her to falsely plead guilty and serve probation where they can dictate her life and make it almost impossible for her to exercise her first amendment right to be a online journalist, just like with Brian D. Hill.
The comments are already showing that Alex Jones had already destroyed her reputation enough by shunning her and attacking her on his show to make it possibly impossible for her to continue receiving legal fund donations necessary to win against her charges and be found not guilty and may be forced to falsely plead guilty to charges and lose her kids to Child Pedophile Service, I mean Child Protective Services that is used to abduct kids and give them to pedophiles, aka CPS abuse.

It has already begun, first they attack her on their platform, and then they will delete every video and report she had ever done for Infowars, shun her while acting like none of it had ever existed. Shunning and removing all information in reference to Millie Weaver and her journalist is the perfect way to ruin her career, make all of her work disappear, and then anybody who looks her up will only see her criminal charges and then years down the line nobody will even know who she is.

Comments said things like:
Informedpatriot1776 “I wish I never sent any money to that GoFundMe account but you know what Millie you can have it you’re the one that’s got to live with yourself. People who love and follow you don’t like to be lied to I hope you get well soon.” “I love Millie but I would take this nonsense video down it’s inaccurate there’s some good stuff in it but nothing really quite alarming except for the misinformation” FemaRegion9 3 hours ago “Too bad. I like Millie Weaver. Sad to see her go down in flames like this. Hope she gets the help she needs. I didn’t even get through watching the documentary. Just listing to her that Tore women and the other guy, I didn’t buy what they were saying for a second. They seemed too shady and weird to me.” Three comments scraped from the Banned.video
There you have it. So now it is up to the grassroots to pay her legal fees to ensure that she has a fair chance of being acquitted over her four felony charges and one misdemeanor charge in Ohio’s state court.

Brian’s family may or may not contribute to her legal fund. Brian may even consider mailing a small amount of money to give to her legal fund if he feels that it would be necessary for her acquittal. Brian knows what is like having false charges like what happened to him in federal court. He was never allowed to have a good lawyer with the exceptions of Attorney Edward Ryan Kennedy of West Virginia who actually did a pretty damn good job but way too late as he was already convicted and Kennedy only represents Brian over the supervised release revocation appeal. This lawyer is actually worthy of fighting for his clients. Too bad only over appeals in the fourth circuit. If he had been Brian’s lawyer at the very beginning, Brian would have been acquitted, never would have been on supervised federal probation.
It is clear that Millie Weaver is facing an uphill battle with very limited legal funds. She should use it wisely as Alex Jones will never mention about her ever again, unless in a negative context. Nonetheless he will probably never talk about him again, and Darrin McBreen will likely block her phone number too just like with Brian D. Hill in 2018. Owen Shroyer will likely ignore anything to do with Millie as well since he is a tool for Alex Jones, a puppet. The “Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News” blog will gladly support Millie Weaver and will even consider giving her a writing slot here if she needs it. Brian was treated the exact same way as Millie Weaver, disavowed, shunned, and ignored. God bless Millie Weaver and her family. Where We Go One We Go All.
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2020.08.21 15:42 Collier1505 Former apartment wants to charge an additional month rent after moving out at the end of our lease because of "no notice."

I signed a lease to live at an apartment with my girlfriend and friend in July of 2019. One-year lease, expiring on 7/31/20. We recently moved out, my friend to a new apartment and my girlfriend and I rented a house. The problem is this:
The apartment complex has sent a letter stating that we will not be getting a security deposit back. We originally paid $340 or so. $150 is being kept for the last two months of water. Fair enough. However, the other $180 is being kept to pay off a fee. The apartment complex wants to charge us an additional month's rent ($970) for "insufficient notice of vacancy."
Here's the problem though: My girlfriend contacted them in May asking about getting out of the lease a month early. Buddy is in the military, had a month-long drill. Wanted to be moved out before then and not paying through two places. She messaged them through the online portal asking them. They contacted back and stated that it would be better to talk over the phone. And so that is what she did. She mentioned that we are moving out in July at the end of our lease, can anything be done. There was not a way out of the lease early, oh well. But we do not have written proof that this happened because 1) we have lost access to the portal as of two weeks ago besides the ability to pay this "fee" and 2) they had her call them instead of replying to the message.
I also contacted the front office in June about scheduling a tour for a single room apartment in the same complex. I mentioned my name, what apartment I was in, and that I was moving out the following month before scheduling the tour. Did not sign up for the apartment due to price, but again, verbal conversation on the phone. No proof of what was said.
This all came about when I submitted a service ticket around a week before our move out date stating that the dryer was not working correctly. I mentioned that we just wanted to let it be known before we moved out the following week. I got a phone call that day asking if I was planning to move out. I said that I was and was told that all three of us need to submit a "formal letter" stating my intent to move out once my lease is over. Something I have never had to do before. But we did it anyways that day. Radio silence for the next few weeks after I had turned my keys in. They said they would mail the security deposit after inspection.
Then here we are. Notice of a $780 charge (after they used the security deposit balance). It states that we were sent a letter in the mail the month of July asking if we were going to be re-signing our lease. Something we never got in the mail. It states that due to not replying or letting them know that we were not planning to re-sign (we did... twice...) that we were stuck paying one additional month of rent. My girlfriend tried calling the leasing office and they were relatively unhelpful saying they could not do anything, that it was up to corporate, that we agreed to it in our lease (something I don't remember even reading in the packet, but I cannot check since they took my online portal access away). I emailed the corporate office a few days ago and have heard nothing since.
So, I guess my question is are we on the hook for this? We agreed to a lease of when we would be moving out. We paid rent on time every month. We never got this "notice" and gave verbal confirmation that we were leaving TWICE. I have never seen a complex stating that we need to mail them a letter stating that we were moving out on our designated day. The corporate office is refusing to even contact me back.

We are in Ohio if that matters. Thanks
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2020.08.21 02:43 ThisIsMyDumpStat Our Marriage: Saga of the Past 3 Years

This is straight-up a full length novel. I wasn't kidding about it being a saga. You've been warned.
I've thought for a few months now about posting here. What I would say, which aspect of our disaster would I bring to light and focus on? I still don't know what this post will accomplish, but I'm done bottling it up so here goes.
For some extra context...throughout the following story, here's what was happening in the background: 2016: my father dies of lung cancer 8 months before our marriage (we got engaged a month after he passed); 2017: we get married, husband's first cousin dies at 21 in a car accident the day before Christmas; 2018: my mom is diagnosed with lymphoma, husband's grandfather passes over Christmas (yea it's a bittersweet holiday around their households); 2019: we move, can't find a good church, new restaurant opens up, mom's cancer is in remission.; 2020: you all know how this year has gone so far.
We got married 3 years ago, I was 25 and he was 22. I'd graduated college the year before, and he graduated the year after. We had met at the campus christian ministry and had been friends for a year before dating for 2.
Husband never really knew for sure what he wanted to do for a career. His interests ranged from food service to publishing & editing to parks service. As he finished college, we got the chance to open a restaurant with his family.
So we moved to his hometown to start the venture. Due to the timeline given for the business, we rushed to buy a house and moved in with 2 cats (soon to be 3 as one adopted us while living there). The understanding was that his dad (an experienced businessman) would take the reins on getting the business up and running, and train husband as he went so husband could transition into full owner.
It. Was. A. Disaster.
My father in law, who I now know is a workaholic, agreed to a huge project at work as the restaurant started to form. He was gone almost 24/7, which left husband to basically teach himself the ropes and stew in unspoken bitterness. My mother in law tried to make up for fil's absence by being super involved, but it turns out she's type A and extremely micromanaging/controlling. Husband's sister was also coming on as a manager and had a tendency to team up with mil against husband's techniques.
We endured almost a year of it. Restaurant opened last June, and was booming. From opening day, it was constant. Husband was pulling 70+ hour weeks just to keep up with the demand. I'm not going to get into all of it, but as a 3rd party, I can say things were not handled well by any party. Everyone was irritated/frustrated/disappointed in each other.
Husband has always had an iffy relationship with alcohol, and it plummeted during this time. He also went thru a weird phase where suddenly doctors were 'pushing an agenda', and he'd much rather trust this herbal supplement he heard of online called Kratom. Spoiler alert: definitely addictive, definitely not a 'supplement'. No matter how much I pushed, cajoled, insisted, suggested, or encouraged, he would not see a doctor or a therapist.
One night a few months into the restaurant, we had a scare where he called me late from the shop crying because he was considering suicide. I called the whole fam in a panic, everyone rushed out there, and husband ended up hashing it all out with his father. Neither of them truly healed from that, I don't think.
Queue February of this year. Husband finally came clean with the family and told them he wants out of the business. The plan was for him to see out the rest of the first year, and slowly transition his sister into ownership. Except that blew up when he came to me a few weeks later and confessed that he had made out/exchanged photos with a 17y.o. coworker during closing, less than a week before.
So that was a hot mess. Panic attacks, desperate prayer, multiple conversations of me demanding couples counseling and him insisting it wouldn't do any good and he'd rather try reading a book together (🙄). Went to 3 sessions of couples counseling; I insisted it was helping me and he would have anxiety attacks beforehand and insisted this was dredging up the past instead of letting it lie. I didn't have the energy to fight it, so we stopped going. Weeks of seeking advice from my entire family (my mom and sister both faced infidelity from their spouses, and God had redeemed both their marriages in amazing ways).
In March, husband had some huge enlightening monent and realized he's no longer a Christian. There's 'no reason to believe this religion over any other without understanding all those other religions' perspectives'. At first I thought it was just part of his identity crisis, his hating himself for what happened in February. But he still holds that belief, pretty strongly.
The past few months have been...inconsistent at best. We've had multiple talks of divorce or not divorce, of moving away and getting other jobs, of respect and religion and what a marriage means without that unfiying theme. He's posed the question of whether he's now a project to me, and could I still be happily married to him in 50 years if he never 'converted back' to Christianity?
As far as his personal life, he hasn't had a job since leaving the restaurant in February (his parents made him step down the day they found out what happened. They were also the ones that demanded he tell me right away). He had a good long streak of quitting Kratom though his alcohol issue never really improved. We had one blowout argument about jobs and money, where we both left home separately for half a week to cool down and re-evaluate. He told me later that he bought Kratom again that day and had used again for a while.
He agreed to an addiction counselor a few weeks ago. After one session, she suggested intensive outpatient. 2 hours, 3x a week. He was scared but willing...but turns out, everyone else is there for hard drugs and almost all of them are there because the courts demanded it, so he's really struggling to have any interest in being there. He says it feels like high school all over again, and I don't blame him...there's no one he can relate to, no one else that even wants to be there. So he's talked a few times about this not being right for him, but financially doesn't feel like he can swing $90/week for personal. And before you ask, I've tried connecting him with sliding scale places, but getting him to consider therapy at all is like pulling teeth.
I'm finally posting now because tonight, while sitting on the porch not looking for a convo of any kind, suddenly he started talking to me about his daydreams. About moving to California, or Vermont, or Ohio, to 'discover himself'. How he wishes we hadn't gotten married so young, how he has such different ideals now than he did when we got married. Says he wishes we'd lived together before marriage (which, for the record, I acknowledged that would mean we never would've dated because I wouldn't have tolerated that). That he's so different than he was, and maybe we weren't such a great fit after all.
Essentially, what I heard was, this marriage has held him back from 'travelling freely' and 'discovering his true self'. It's like he wishes he could just divorce me but isn't willing to pull the plug.
And I know what scripture says, and I have no intention of seeking that divorce. I won't force him to stay but I refuse to take the easy way out myself. That being said....I am secretly wishing more and more that he would just finally come to terms with it and do it. I don't know how long I can deal with this. The only one with a career (which I hate, I only stay at this job to keep us financially alive), trying to find that fine line between supporting him without nagging, but not being an enabler to his addictions and joblessness. Trying to be the empathetic wife and recognizing that addiction is hard, that he's dealing with so much and feels so in over his head.
My sister tries to remind me that leaning in to God during this time is so necessary. But I feel so burnt out. My trust in God has taken a huge hit after dad passed, and I don't feel like I have the energy to make that emotional connection to him anymore. It feels like my entire life revolves around husband and has devolved into constant mind games to determine if I'm enabling, or being unloving, if he's justified in feeling like we're friends instead of spouses, determining which things are my fault and which things should I be doing differently. And the things that he's doing wrong, how to call them out and which battles to fight and when to be gracious and patient.
There's a time for everything under the sun, sure, but when the heck do I do which?
I guess I'm looking for insight. Or empathy. Or validation that I'm not insane for all these conflicting emotions, and not heartless for how little care I feel towards him most of the time.
If you're still reading, the fact that you cared enough to make it this far is helpful in itself. Thanks for letting me pour out some socially-distanced emotional vomit. I do really value this community.
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2020.08.06 21:00 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 6, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 6, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Summarized (Full) Notes
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2020.08.04 21:13 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 4, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update August 4, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Note: We may need to paraphrase, but the notes are accurate
Watch here:
Summarized (Full) Notes
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2020.07.27 17:32 pahohi1327JJul Christian Harmony Da-ting Si-te

Christian Harmony Da-ting Si-te
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2020.07.27 13:22 adopt27JJul What Should Christian Da-ting Look Like ?

What Should Christian Da-ting Look Like ?
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Similar Da-ting Si-tes Like Ba-doo
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Hinge CEO on online dating business - Duration: 3:48. CNBC Television 1,146 views. 3:48. 8 MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS IDEAS FOR 2019 - Duration: 10:49. Silicon Valley Girl Recommended for you. John Matarese reports so you don't waste your money. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to write a great online dating profile that will get several new high quality beautiful women who are exactly what you are lo... THE BEST FREE DATING APPS OF 2020?! *ONLINE DATING TIPS* Hi guys! In today's video I decided to give you guys an update on the dating apps that still work in... With Valentine's Day just a day away, the FBI is warning of online dating scams. The bureau received more than 15,000 reports linked to romance scams last ye... http://yourlifeyourlove.com - Looking for the best free online dating site and trying to decide between PlentyofFish vs. OKCupid? 'LIKE' the video and POST W... September 20, 2020 - Online Worship Service by Rev. Dr. James Butler at Lakewood Presbyterian Church, Lakewood, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, USA. Andrew Lynch and Kiril Dobrev, founders of Weaver - a dating site set out to rid the stigma of online dating - give their pitch to Mich Atagana from Ventureb... Individuals who tend to lie on online dating services are probably people pleasers who are trying to present themselves in the best light in order to get som... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Jake and Amir: Dating Service YouTube; Jake and Amir: Instagram - Duration: 4:39. CollegeHumor 1,775,034 views. 4:39. Jake and Amir watch Doobs (w/Thomas Middleditch!) ...